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how to play guitar effectively
How to Play Guitar : Guitar Barre Chords

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as scales for guitar songs?

Hey, I'm very confused about all the side of the theory of music, which is a huge pain without knowing how to improvise a solo properly due to my lack of knowledge on the side of the set theory. Im wondering how to effectively structure a certain agreement. say that the songs are consistent Am, D, C, G.. when i solo improvisation, are reproduced for the first time in the morning and when the scale becomes a D chord, I can play the scales? whole very confused and I have no idea what I usually do lol. Can someone explain to me too simplistic? and also what scales to learn for a beginner like me thank you lol

Depends on what kind of song and its going to. To put it simply, however, and you should start simple. Playing in the key of the song is at least something like Dream Theater, House thought, etc. (where the keys are always changing and many exotic scales are used) more often than not, you're in the key note of the song is Forst. As the game if the first chord is Am, now I play the music even more simple, more of a smaller or larger can be used. If the chord progression is the lowest harmonic solo try ever in the major does not sound right (and vice versa). You will hit a large number notes that do not belong. I'm not saying you can not use anything other than themselves for something else (as you probably can), just need to know what you do. Therefore, it is simple. Make sure you know the major and minor scales up and down the neck, and start playing with music easy and simple progressions unchanged (Metallica, AC / DC, anything pop, etc.) most likely is that the first note is the key to being Once you get that, go to exotic scales and music mixing scales and keys to create some really badass stuff. Something like Megadeth is pretty middle road with interesting harmonies, key changes and exotic scales. A bit like Dream Theater is crazy and fun. If you are not in the metal thing, to go a little jazz and jazz fusion. Crazy good stuff. Everyone says EDIT play what sounds good, no rules, etc. and they are wrong. There rules and rules of the game without knowing it. If you sat and played in front of me could say exactly what they do, and would be in the "rules". It's better to just know the rules first. It is easy to understand why that note sounds as good for you or whatever.

how to play guitar effectively