How To Play Guitar Basics Online

how to play guitar basics online
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I need help with the basics of guitar?

I really need help to play the guitar. The way we sort of need to play is the way Rodrigo y Gabriela play. I'm just a beginner so I do not really know what I'm doing. Can someone me is a website that can really help or give me advice. One thing above all do not know the chords of the guitar. I used to play the saxophone, so I kind of know how to read music. But I'm really having problems. I try to take guitar lessons, but my father does not like me too and my internet is slow to take online more or less I have to teach me. Play the guitar is something I really want to do if someone can help me. PLEASE! Oh, and if it helps I'm trying to play an acoustic guitar. Thank you

there are many books to teach databases, go to a music store and tell them what you are looking for, they would be willing to help. Do you want a book that shows agreement in the form of tablature. There are also many CD to learn almost everything you ever wanted to know about guitars. Start there. Good luck and keep the same thing.

how to play guitar basics online