Guy Who Can Play Guitar With Feet

guy who can play guitar with feet
amazing guitar player

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Please help me and I'll see you again boy problems,: /?

So the first day money back at school I want this year is better, no degree and a fine of just the nerdy side and I guess that's the problem. I am ready and all the teachers love me, so that everyone of my teachers pet, even if I do not suck, and girls know because I am a friend everyone, even children very popular to think I'm a nerd sewing and immature. Well, I really like this guy, but his friends think I am nerd so I'll never a hit with him, what can I do to show I'm cute and not what you think. If it makes no sense, I do not know if there is another reason I'm 5 foot 14 in a week, mid-length blond hair, brown eyes and I'm 98 pounds .. i play basketball, hockey, dance, piano, guitar, theater. Please help and thank you so much ILOVEYOU <3 Leave a link and I'll answer: D xx

ok I'm good boy (14) u look good 2 me if he thinks his loss ur nerd, but he could try showing uu can do things you like.

guy who can play guitar with feet

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