Guitar Play By Ear

guitar play by ear
How To Play By Ear 2 – Recognizing Sounds

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Is it possible to play the acoustic guitar by ear?

I want to buy an acoustic guitar today, but my family said: "Oh, who will be only two years to learn to play, that's what they all say." (I am thirteen years old and I am a fast learner). My brother learned to play piano by ear and learned a dozen songs in about two months or three! An acoustic guitar is easier to play the piano? How long does it take to learn to play? If you play, how long did it take? Sorry for all these questions, it's just I really want to know the basics of having an acoustic guitar. Thank you! 🙂

play by ear can be a bit painful at the beginning make sure your hair is attached, but again, as it can get in the way as the ear lobe can be painful for some good day, especially if the metal hung from nylon ropes again to hurt … but hey hendrix used teeth, two hand tapped Van Halen is possible b the first step in acoustic vigorously rubbing the side of the head oh another word of warning to use a headset on your ear you decide to play the guitar with the best of luck eh go on youtube when you arrive at it, I will undoubtedly be rejected by all the sad ar serious mard e fu @ * ks who come here .. just to share a little humor

guitar play by ear