Guitar Learn To Play Songs

guitar learn to play songs

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What are great songs that I have to learn to play guitar?

I played guitar for a year and a half, I can play almost every day, and I'm fine, but I can not think of songs to learn. can someone help me please?

If you know the basic chords on the guitar is a lot of good songs that can play. Here are a few: Amazed by Lonestar Watches breath and dreams Lifehouse Coldplay Cranberries the first cut is the deepest of Cat Stevens Leonard Cohen Hallelujah here without you Three Doors Down Horse With No Name by America Hotel California The Eagles Casa del Sol Rising animals by Billy Joel PianoMan Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams Wonderwall Oasis This site has agreements for most of these songs and some other easily. Is this a book you can download …

guitar learn to play songs