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fastest guitar player guinness
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Ben Lee Official violin FUSE break the world speed record

Ben Lee's famous rock electric violin duo Linzi Stoppard IC sets an official New Guinness World Record holder for "fastest player on the violin in the world."

The record was 1 minute 5.26 seconds, the equivalent of 13 notes per second. Ben Lee is not only an eclipse is seriously fast time to meet the criteria established by the Guinness World Record officials ™, which will be presented in an acoustic violin, unlike its more familiar as the violin bridge Swarovski exclusive power IC. There will also an expert from the Royal College of Music in September to ensure Ben hit every note.

In his first attempt, before a television audience of 3 million dollars, Ben arrives at an astounding rate of over 15 notes per second, but is deemed to have lost three notes. In terms of speed is 1 / 5 (fifth) one second.

Ben does not stop there, "one fifth of a second is hard to take," he said after the attempt on the television, but promised to be back. This is one of the most technically demanding music Guinness World Records ™, but Ben knew he was its scope and has promised a new attempt was made in April 2010. This time, there is no doubt – Ben took only 64.21 seconds to burn through all the 810 reports of technical requirements "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov. Ben Lee has established a new world record and now the fastest fingers in the world!

Ben Lee is a graduate of the Royal College of Music and has worked with Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp, Mark Ronson, Kaiser Chiefs and Amy Winehouse, among other artists. He is now a member of the IC, electric rock violin duet with Linzi Stoppard.

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electric violin duo Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee album "Fuse" was in May 2010 (Universal / Edel Records). This year, the fuse has performed live on TV audience of more than $ 100 million of the scene GQ Men of the Year, Glastonbury and Fashion Week in London. FUSE bridges the gap between pop and classical music to show that the violin is more versatile than any cross-over classical cliché we have all taken habit.

"FUSE" features 14 incredible tracks like "Fix You" by Coldplay, Beat It by Michael Jackson, theme song by Andreas Johnson and an impressive mixture of old media "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana and 'Kashmir' Zeppelin. All tracks have been reworked and included in the FUSE unique way. The duo has had to invent new ways of doing vocal melodies were original songs.

As Linzi said: "It is quite new, nobody thought that what we do is still possible. All I hear is violins! The style we use when the game is more like a guitarist, with more soul and power – literally! We chose to work by artists who are big stadium acts, and that's where we want to be. It is so big and powerful – get some earplugs! We specialize in breath in the preconceptions of people. "

What IC can have a truly global appeal, without language barriers. So are very proud that a string orchestra, the audience will sing with the choir we all know. With the release of "Fuse" May, will provide FUSE unique brand of entertainment to a whole new audience, we hope you're ready!

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fastest guitar player guinness