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Tom Leadon and Randall Marsh two of the original members of Mudcrutch alongside Tom Petty, Mike Campbell and Benmont Trench later the band meeting was nothing less than a dream. And while the other three members have notched countless sold-out audiences and stages on the back, without forgetting the past Super Bowl show, as The Heartbreakers, it is clear Mudcrutch has been revitalizing. We spoke with Campbell, Leadon and Marsh to hear how it mid-way through his first tour in 30 years.

How did the idea not to hear Tom Petty's Mudcrutch together, but Peter Bogdanovich?

Tom Leadon: Peter came to Brentwood, TN where I teach music to interview me [for the documentary "Runnin 'Down a] Dream. I asked him if he had pictures Mudcrutch, so I took in my room saying, "Aww, we've seen all these already. You know, I Tom said other day, I thought I had a meeting Mudcrutch. "I must say that his words shot through me like lightning. … I practice every day for years, because I am a musician, but I always had faith that one day they could do and my music out there. I told Peter to say that Tom was for her. It was seven or eight months before I heard from Tom. I'm still living a dream here. I feel better than if I won the lottery.

Randall Marsh: I was amazed. I guess they had worked in the movie and maybe had a couple of beers and Peter included a nostalgic idea. So nobody took him seriously.

Leadon: When I called, I was driving home from the supermarket and said, "Hey, this is his old friend Tom Petty," and I said, 'No … really? "I thought it was a friend of mine tremors my chain. He said again and again said "No … really? "I do not hear very well, so I pulled the car on the side of the road and talked for an hour and was just great.

Do not know we do a whole album, I do not think any of us. Tom said he There was a computer store and created a bit of tape recording equipment, I thought, "Well, maybe we'll do some demos and maybe something along the lines out. "I was still very excited. I want to get together for two or three days and just have fun playing music and then go home. As I later called Tom in the next few months, I learned that blocked two weeks, I had one of the best engineers of the company, and I think it's starting to sound very good. I was wondering about the cost air and said: ". Ah, you probably have a recording contract at one point "And I think the lower register," and he had not even played a note.

Have you ever expected, after more than three decades-that this could happen?

Mike Campbell: It was out of nowhere. I was pleasantly surprised when I called and asked me what I thought. I thought: "It would be fun to do. "I was also surprised that, with The Heartbreakers and all other activities we have underway that we had done all the Super Bowl and were creating a summer tour and I was impressed Tom was so keen to do, I wanted to find time to insert this in obviously, Tom did not have to do this project is something I really wanted to do.

It seems that Mudcrutch gives you all the luck to be liberated from the expectations of fans and label executives.

Campbell: It's so liberating to do a project that has not together with him, no expectations. At a certain level in comparison with The Heartbreakers, but it is a totally independent group in the style of music separately. Follow remain the same composer and singer, but the band Tom plays bass and creates a completely different feel and different concept of how the music will flow. It's really exciting to go on stage and plays no result for me, Ben [Benmont Trench] and Tom, who is a revelation. And to go further and have "the public are just going crazy, it opened my eyes to the three of us, we get up on stage with our soundtrack, by playing songs that have never heard before and it really works.

What was the show that the first meeting in Malibu?

Campbell: There was another type of pressure, for example, the Super Bowl or a field of great concert, they are just in front of you and you presenting music that has never heard of before. It was a nice challenge and it was-and remains-very exciting to get up and play with our old friends. We were pleasantly surprised that people really seemed to respond to chemical and honesty of this that we present.

Leadon, his nerves a bit. Remember when I went in the car with Tom and Randall and it was just a magic thing, driving along the water for the concert and the place of art. I felt like at my age, here I am 55, played guitar for 45 of them and acted in some batches groups and this was the band was more special than ever, these were the guys I grew up, in a sense, it was my party to come. He felt it was time.

Marsh: I kept telling myself, you take the glory and fame is just another gig, just another band . But before going, I was on wet his pants. [Laughs] These guys are so good, like the pros, I do not want to disappoint anyone.

"Crystal River" seems to be some something special, something a little different than the rest of the songs.

Campbell: This song was the first day, we meet Tom had written. He showed us the chords. We were accustomed to the room and get used to playing together again so lie in a bit because we just found our sound. When we played the song live, is one of the highlights of the show. It seems that the public is the joke that these guys are really enjoying this and it's cool. And although I have not heard that song before, there is something magical happens that really connect with. Each night, he makes the elements "Let's go in that direction and see where it falls." It's very exciting because the Heartbreakers do so much more.

The song represents all the elements Mudcrutch. Mudcrutch had two worlds coming together. A world was Tom Leadon and Tom Petty, who were absorbed into the country rock like Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds Country Things "or The Flying Burrito Brothers. Randall and I were well versed in long improvisations, Grateful Dead-type almost feel. These two worlds are well represented in this song. Have swing country and feel in the verses, but the instrumental part tends to take some liberties, stretch and at this point. These two worlds is essentially what the sound Mudcrutch.

Is this the original band Mudcrutch?

Campbell: The key here is that it is very faithful to the original Mudcrutch. The Mudcrutch signed with Shelter to make some recordings and singles was another Mudcrutch, Tom Leadon had left, Randall Marsh and left other children came and went too far to the original sound. This band is the original training and inspiration of the band question. It seems that we have done in his day. When we recorded the record, we made a point of direct recording without headphones, voice chat, live alone. Is it very, very true.

Leadon: What is different though is that 30 years later, we all was playing, some of us known, some of us are not so famous. We have all progressed with our music and feel that we are all much better actors, singers and writers that we were then. Mudcrutch When we started, it took 18 years, even when I was 20 years he had left the group. We had something special, just not had the opportunity to fully develop. This is something that is so successful with your project. For me, it feels like an opportunity to see what could have been.

Did you go back and listen to the original material when they were together?

Campbell: That's another thing that is interesting: In spite of the same sound and chemistry we had in the day, perhaps 80 percent of the songs were written recently.

Has it been designed opinion or did you leave?

Campbell: We like to leave this alone and move forward with new songs. We made some included in the folder that were older, I used to do at the time: "Six days on the road" and "Love in the swamp. "There's a song on the album we brought the good old days we did not record, but to play in our lives that Tom Leadon wrote, "Queen of the Go Go Girls."

Leadon: now that we are much more mature, better players, and Tom has always was a good writer, but now it is a great writer to come and make the best song I have right now and will not be a song he wrote 35 years ago. Most others are new songs and that's because Tom is writing better now than then. He thought that some old songs, he thought, "No, this is the sound of children learning to play and write."

One of Mudcrutch bands compared to a lot is Flying Burrito Brothers and Gram Parsons. I curious to hear their respective decisions Parsons.

Campbell: I always thought he was a genius, brilliant and very moving singer and I always liked these records. It was actually Tom Leadon and Tom Petty, I turned to him. I loved the trip.

Leadon: Tom and I Naturally, like many people, love Rodeo and we were really into it and actually used to cover some of the songs he did, as Empty Bottle, Broken Heart. "We were hip to the fact he and his brothers Chris Hillman's started to fly. Hillman was someone Bernie's older brother that I was in a group with adolescents in San Diego before Byrds, Scottsville Squirrel Barkers called. Chris is the main type who inspired my brother to go to Los Angeles to try to do. So we heard the first album Flying Burrito and we loved it. Burritos were flying and person does in Florida did something like that. I do not understand why these rock musicians would play this long-haired country music single truck. We loved. Gram for me, was what pushed me to sing more than just a few harmony parts I, I used to. … So in reality, the reason for Tom Petty and got into the country has been influenced by my brother. We'd get these documents for the West Coast and the public informed and then [My brother] has joined The Flying Burrito Brothers, which was our favorite band. I was just very happy. He made some recordings with them.

When I moved to Los Angeles in the 73-I was the first Mudcrutch and I lived with my brother found me there, in some nightclubs with Clarence White and Gram people like that. He was my hero. Bernie has played his last album, Grievous Angel, and me taken to the sessions, if you have to spend time with Gram and I met Emmylou [Harris] and become close friends. It was only a tragedy when he died. I saw the destructive side too. I went out with him just to see that. I thought he was a genius but flawed genius. It was a wonderful person. … Finally, he did not take care of itself, is destroyed and … not a good thing it did. Gram could still, if not do … I do not understand why people do things like that, but we are fortunate that he had when we did. His vision of combining rock, country, gospel and R & B of this cosmic American music has spoken, it really struck a Much Music who came after.

Mike, what it's like to play with Tom on bass after much time to work with each other and Tom on guitar? Do you think you can do the Heartbreakers new dynamic "in any way?

Campbell: Tom hit low in the day with Mudcrutch, when I met him, he was the bass player and he has always been great on bass. Each year, with The Heartbreakers, who played the guitar, is also important. He writes his songs on guitar. I know that Tom was really ready to play bass again and I know he has practiced very hard for this project because I wanted to make sure it could stop. I think playing the bass and make This live album, I think it was a revelation for Tom to sing live and play bass, which is actually connected in ways that began in the bands. I think he released him and enjoy music in a way that does not take many years. I hope some this energy and overflow alarm to the future.

What does the future hold for Mudcrutch?

Campbell: The whole project started as a whim, then became an issue and has now become a series of concerts. Each step on the road was so nice and so positive and so well received, I see no reason not to continue. It's just a matter of finding time do. We are so happy as a musician can play these concerts. Something so funny that I could not put it down and not only keep it going.
famous gospel bass guitar players