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dvd guitar course
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Did anyone ge the Panic at the Disco Live in Chicago CD/DVD?

I got it the day it came out. I just wondered if anyone wants to tell the truth and say they are as much of a fan as i am. Even if you’re not, you know you want to be….So, do you have it or not? if you do, what is your favorite song that they preformed that you think was the best? I think my favorite was either Lying is the most fun…..or……..The Only differecne. Ryan does an awesome back up on vocal throughout the whole thing. and of course his guitar playing was spectacular!! And Brendon, good…..now wait, let me rephrase that, AMAZING vocals…so anyway, i’m done with my tangent, it’s your turn o go on one about them.

they are my favorite band by a mile and a half. People are so surprised when i say i love them, i guess i dont seem like the type that would? idk. But the whole cd was great and the dvd too, i always watch them on youtube so having a whole concert in high quality was exactly what i needed. My favorite in the dvd is def time to dance bc it really expresses brendons voice ability, and yeh the rest are all just good. Personally, i WISH WISH WISH they still played london beckoned songs about money… I think its like one of their best songs, and if you saw how they played it it denver which im sure you have, you must agree. Especially the beginning with the piano and the guitar build up, its so perfect. But yeh that is all. oh and i hope eric ronik the keyboard guy goes big he has a great talent. my ONLY complaint with them is i do miss seeing brendon on piano/keyboard occasionally, but i guess its nice to see him on guitat. k thats it

dvd guitar course

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