Can I Play Guitar With Small Hands

can i play guitar with small hands
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Help with my guitar playing?

So I am a 16 year old with very small hands, and I have no problem playing with my acoustic guitar. strikethrough I usually can not make a single bar chord on my acoustic. When I try, I hurt very bad, feels bad, and sounds wrong. However, in my electric guitar that can play well together *. * I played for a year and a half but I still feel like a beginner because I can not even make a Bm that sounds good in my sound and makes me feel that I'm really bad at guitar. What should I do?

I suggest taking your guitar to a professional for that, but you need the channels closer to the box. You can accomplish this by reducing the saddle on the bridge. Remove the strings, take the chair of the bridge, visit the spacers under the seat. If you are separating out one by one, what I'm saying is to get a brace, re-string and check if Good repeated until the strings are where you want. If no partitions in the chair that the President must be shortened by filing the bottom with a flat file. As I said before, I suggest taking your guitar to a professional to make the adjustment, but I have done for years.

can i play guitar with small hands