Blues Guitar Play Along Cd

blues guitar play along cd
Funky Blues Guitar Improvisation/ (“New Orleans” second line style) / funk / play along track

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Is there a free guitar and plays the guitar beside me while I sing rock songs?

I just bought a brand new electric guitar and give me the brand new guitar for the winner of my musical collaboration. The best guitar player wins the guitar and the possibility to work with me, a rock singer and songwriter who sings and plays the electronic piano in the key of C and F. My styles are similar to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Beatles, The Archies as background music, and Jackie Lomax and the blues. You may be interested in buying my new CD titled The Odds, a show witty and original. If you want to try the guitar, please contact me via this web department.

Sorry, I six guitars and I'm happy with my Martin above them. It might be interesting to accompany him, but playing only in the key of C and F can be boring to me. Many guitarists avoid playing in the key of F, because it requires more strings to press down. Versatility is the key word here.

blues guitar play along cd

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