Best Guitar Players In History

best guitar players in history
The best guitarist in the history of mankind! Nikolay Bogdanov

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The best guitar teacher in history? Do you write fiction?

I try to find literature written by best guitar players and teachers of history, if any still exists. Something in the sense that art and singing Caruso Tetrazzini, but guitar. Be Segovia said many wise things about technique, but have still not found the current literature. I would also like to see if something big was written before the 20th century, but time is beautiful. Please, if you can help.

I assume you are interested in classical guitar … Here is a chronological list of authors who have freely written methods of influence and other books, old (1800) until today: Fernando Sor Guitar Method-For the Escuela Dionisio Aguado Guitar Ferdinando Carulli, Matteo Carcassi Applied Harmony Guitar, Guitar Method (Op. 59) Emilio Pujol-reasoned School of Management John Duarte Guitar-Melody and Harmony for Guitarists Angelo Gilardino, Grammatica della Chitarra Dusan Bogdanovic and counterpoint to the guitar with improvisation in Renaissance studies and Motivic Metamorphosis This list is not exhaustive, but a good start! (There are English translations of most works in the list in Spanish … even if you are serious about learning classical guitar some Spanish will not hurt. book Gilardino, Italian, does not reflect the last time I checked).

best guitar players in history