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beginners guitar
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Guitarists: Help with selecting the perfect guitar for beginners?

I'm always looking for the perfect guitar is best for me. Must be: Not much. (Tapas $ 200.00) or an acoustic guitar. I have a thin neck. Be easy for a beginner to play. Be in full size. Brands proposed that exactly fit this description?

I assume you're talking about steel-string guitar. Almost all strings steel have the thin neck, which is covered there. The best thing is to go to a music shop Pro, or provide a large number of instruments at the amateur level and try some. Sometimes it will be a brand you've never heard of but not playing well and sounds great. Some good brands that are decent beginner Acoustic guitars are: Art & Lutherie, Yamaha, Ibanez, Seagull, Takamine, Norman, and Fender. One thing I highly recommend: Make sure the guitar has a table of solid wood, not laminate a principle. You can ask your friend at the bank if you do not know. laminate are often found in guitars cheap and they sound like garbage. Good luck!

beginners guitar