Techniques To Learn Guitar Easily

techniques to learn guitar easily
Intermediate Guitar Strumming Techniques Part 1

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Palm muting technique?

I had a class with my guitar teacher on Monday. Is what I'm doing the basics well enough, but he noted when I make my case, as I take my fingers on the strings that sound, creating a strong background noise. He taught me that index finger is more freight chains of silence, which can easily handle, and you must move the palm of your hand as you climb the rope to remain silent. I can not really find a idea of how to do that. I have only once every two weeks and I do not want to waste time learning how to do this technique when you return. If someone has any suggestions, maybe videos or read to help me find a way to do it, I'd be grateful. Thank you. Rock N 'Roll!

There are several ways to mute the sound that occurs after the fingers are removed from the strings. As your instructor, said the index of worry hand can mute the strings generally higher without too much effort or practice. Another technique is to lift the finger that holds the handle and break a little (very briefly) before releasing the complete chain. This will cause the finger to cut the chain. With the palm of silence in reality, there are (at least) two techniques. The first is when the pink side of your guitar, hand harvesting is at rest the light on the strings near the bridge. With this method, each string is more of a "coup" ring from her completely. I prefer the more staccato strumming calm. The second technique, and your instructor is most likely involved, is to relax the same part of the hand (again outside of his guitar / pick hand that is, the fleshy part in the little finger, but more on the side of the hand) immediately after or start a strum. This last technique is a little harder to implement than other methods and will be implemented. I recommend practicing with his hand on the strings all the time. This will give you an idea of the amount appropriate pressure. You want to be able to hear the note clearly without any buzzing or "subject" (subject to the sound of the guitar done when the strings are played with the notes is completely silent). After you have an idea of the pressure involved, touching the strings remain open while same part of your hand to get the complete silence. Experiment with the speed with hand rests on the strings (silent slow fast compared silence). After that, you increase the speed a bit. Just do the shock (nothing special) and alternating, then let it ring ring silent, mute, etc. The feeling in the hand is not exactly natural, but with practice can become second nature.

techniques to learn guitar easily