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play guitar pack
12-string Guitar: Pack Up Your Troubles

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Is it useful to receive a package bass guitar like that, or being poor? I really use it to play in my room and I do not really want to spend much. I just broke in a month. I already play guitar, so I know Knidos hot play bass but not if you know EXACTLY what I mean.

honestly … i'de say go a guitar shop and get a cheap, epiphone or ibanez have a good low price (I use ibanez, but it's a high end model) and it is very Well, except for i custom bass, the only one who would buy Warwick. enough to go to a guitar shop, explained that his desire to start playing and do not want to spend too much money and they'l help you find what you want:) may be a little more expensive, but you will not regret doing things …. i regret to start with a cheap, three months after I bought it, I bought the bass I use now

play guitar pack