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jam play guitar lessons online
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bassist beginner, wanting to know how to play bass at home or should I take lessons?

I used to playing guitar for a year and a half when I was younger, and then tested in the real orchestra, but gave up because I had a teacher who was horrible and huge! but I liked how it sounded. Now I'm back in the groove and ready to play, I bought a starter pack epiphone and wonder where I should start. I saw the tube many websites and videos a lot of you I can help you, but I need is a "foundation" of the bass so you can get interference. I need to consider the lessons? or is it something you saw online that would be ideal for a startup real bear, such as notes, agreements …. I have no idea where to start! lol all tips Welcome and advice because I need advice on where I can start learning. most things online is the ether peak or too basic as learning the guitar parts. I just need to know how to begin.

You should take lessons. A tutor can teach different styles, songs, techniques, etc., which is a good how to develop your playing bass. Buying a metronome also a good idea if you can keep and what is happening in time to play with a band.

jam play guitar lessons online