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play guitar on keyboard software
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"I can play Guitar Hero World Tour for PC with a guitar?

Good day everyone reading …. I just bought Guitar Hero World Tour for PC. And I'm having the hardest time trying to change the default controls (keyboard). I have a guitar that supposedly allows me to play GH on my PC, but so far has not worked. When I plugged my USB drive, Windows Vista, even download and install the software at once, but when you start the game crashes. and to make it even more mysterious … unplug it again, you can start the game normally …. Does anyone know if I can play this game on my PC with a guitar? Thank you in advance! J

I bought a Guitar Hero World Tour Solo Pack for PC. It includes only the guitar, and it works perfectly for me. It is supposed to work with older Guitar Hero guitar, as long as the guitars Guitar Hero for the PC. Maybe you have an accident or a guitar PS3 XBOX, because otherwise it should not be problems.Hope PS if this has helped to resolve the problem, contact me so we can play together online, if you want ^ ^

play guitar on keyboard software