Play Guitar Make It Snappy

play guitar make it snappy
TRAFFIC Dear Mr.Fantasy

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Guitar vs. Piano ?????????????

"Sing us a song, you're the piano man, sing us a song tonight we're in the mood for a melody and you make us feel good … "Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune something that makes us happy, what it takes to get us out of this sadness, sing a song, play guitar, hurry up … "Is it not the sound of a piano or a guitar you resonate more than the other, if so, what and why you think it is bq:? Billy Joel or trafficking BQ2: How to play piano and / or guitar? bq3: jazz fans – trumpet or saxophone?

Honestly, I like a lot of instruments, including mandolin, bass, drums, harmonica, piano, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, etc. As a guitarist, I'd say I prefer the guitar over any other instrument. BQ: Joel (do not know much either if) BQ2: mostly guitar, but I can also play a little piano, harmonica, mandolin, etc. BQ3: sax

play guitar make it snappy