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play guitar how to
Playing Guitar Hero II Songs on Electric Guitar : How to Play “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana

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How to play guitar and sing at the same time?

Therefore, I am trying to learn to play guitar and sing along time. I can play the guitar. I can sing. I can not put the two together. As my brain only coordinate with one or the other separately. Is it better to write and sing the song first, then add the guitar after him? What is your opinion?

Everyone can watch the other, I dissagree with comments to make a conscience and the other not. Practice is the key man. When you finally get it right you will notice that does not focus on the guitar or singing. You the audience a combination of the two as one final product and just make adjustments in one or the other to adapt. If you focus on his guitar singing out of tempo a bit. But it is the big word and rhythm. Get this right hand touch and not waste it. Start with a simple song. Choose to play the same pace in all agreements of the song. And like the other guy said "to have the guitar on autopilot" great analogy. Hmm Try also with his guitar before singing. Observe how your voice has changed over the chord changes. practice, practice. get it.

play guitar how to

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