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learning to play guitar blog
Album Blog: Learn to Play “Sound of Sunshine”

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Guitar my website, earn $ 500 a month?

Hello! I am a guitarist. Top guitarist. I play jazz (latin, fusion, gypsy), popular music Balkan music and some classics (peaking). I am very excited about it, I love music, play, etc. I created a site that is a sort of video blog, I recorded interpretations of some songs, namely the spotlight. As for guitar lessons. I also play music transcribed and placed under video clips, which can play right away (if you have good technique). So what is all this? These parts are very rare, very far from rock, metal, blues and folk guitar things I've done for people who want to learn something new, vocabulary exa0pnd guitar, and enjoy discovering new music, enjoy the game There are classics, Latin solos, the Balkans, ethnic, classical and some pieces of jazz fusion (songs), and. Thus, the site offers animations (see videos) learning (transcripts). Fundamentally. Fundamentally. Maybe add clips from other people, classes, registration … What do you think?

then add what you want …. but which are in charge anything to win the $ 500?

learning to play guitar blog