Learning To Play Guitar At 40

learning to play guitar at 40
Live and Learn – Crush 40 guitar cover

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This right is Ukulele for me?

Tomorrow, I get a wood Ukulele $ 40 in a music store. I played the acoustic guitar for about 5 years and I am to her. Is Ukulele be good for me? Will it be difficult to learn? Thank you.

You pick it up easy! If you put a cappo the 5th fret of the guitar and just play the bottom 4 strings, I got a ukulele now! In all honesty, a $ 40 uke will not sound amazing, but I do, then you decide how long you www.ukulelehunt.com Go a little music, labels, etc. and for tips and advice www.ukeschool.com Pleasure is a beautiful instrument, easy to play and always brings a smile to the faces of the people!

learning to play guitar at 40