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learn to play guitar tv offer
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Need help with my girlfriend. Could leave.?

My girlfriend and I live in my apartment. Last month, he barely time with me our sex life is gone …. I rush home from work to spend time with her, and she just wants to watch TV. I play bass, and picked an electric guitar to play his "Everything" Lifehouse, and I've learned is impeccable, but she did not care. It takes me forever, because it comes from a high level, while I was in the center ring and Kendu Kickboxing St Louis, MO when he met me. opposite ends, which to a great start. I love him to death, but with each passing day I work my ass, and his parents give him money, I walk. Back to the fight, he hates violence …. in general. Any advice? Only real answers / offers please.

Hello! First, it is not the end of the animated world and put on your happy face and positive attitude. when in a relationship of physical attraction must always be there and when someone you should always love what they're doing! if she feels bad because your poor or something if she does not love you not for you (well), it deserves to be with someone who supports his kickboxing someone who goes to parties. if you hate everything, your wrong person n if the wrong person left as soon as possible!

learn to play guitar tv offer