Learn To Play Guitar Online Videos

learn to play guitar online videos
How to play Dream On by Aerosmith on Guitar

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How can I learn to play guitar?

I am very busy all the time and do not think my parents would be willing to pay for lessons. So what is an easy way to learn online? I am 12 years and have never played guitar before. I do not know the notes, or chips, or whatever. I have to start from scratch. I tried youtube, but when I click on a video and it's like Stary well with the B chain, or whatever and I'm like wtf? Haha please help, I really want to learn. An acoustic guitar.

Well you must first a guitar. 8 ^) A large number of "novice" and the guitars are really cheap garbage, almost completely unplayable, and if it is not already playing you do not know the difference. You must have someone playing the guitar help you choose one, maybe you go to play for the first time. Then you get a book or find a site that has agreements. Not very hard, but the first few weeks you need to develop strength in his left hand (which is the strings), and if a guitar with steel strings also build calluses on your fingers. This is the hardest part, and comes in first time, so many people get discouraged. But do not be discouraged, keep going. At first you can not practice more than 15 or 20 minutes because his hand was sore, but as this practice may, perhaps twice a day and a couple of weeks to get better. You also need to learn to tune the guitar, but it's not really a big problem. Much of the "tradition" of the guitar and the knowledge is transmitted from person to person. You really do not need lessons, but if you have friends that play can see many things. If you learn a few chords, and if you have "heard" you will find that you can play any song with only "know" that the agreements go time. Start with simple songs, like songs and rock songs, songs and children's age as Skip to My Lou or Red River Valley – we hate these songs, but are simple enough for beginners, even. Tablature is a system of notation, write music down and be able to read without being able to read music itself. You can learn to do, it is not difficult at all. But it is also nice to play by ear. "Most guitarists are self taught. Watch people playing guitar on TV and see how many of them to wrap the thumb of his left hand on top of the neck. Professors who teach place thumb cons the back of the neck, because you have your fingers more room to move and wider. But self-taught players curl your thumb around the neck. If you see people who play on TV (or YouTube), most of them do this. Good luck!

learn to play guitar online videos