Learn To Play Guitar Bass

learn to play guitar bass
Learn Funky Bass Guitar Neo-Soul, Jazz, Fun Styles with Bass Guitar Grooves

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I want to learn to play bass or guitar, an idea of what is best?

I want to learn to play guitar or bass .. one of the two is easy? I really do not know how to play, even the basic notes, but I want to learn. Do I need an acoustic or electric or care all? Thank you

I have an electric guitar for a gift. I did not know how to play. So I made a video to show them the ropes, then on the Internet for tabliture songs I liked. I like to play the song I play over and over again. I still can not believe a lot or some thing, but now I know my chords and can play the chorus of at least 3 of my songs. This is a process, but just continue. Oh, if you have the funds .. you pay for lessons. Many stores have info on this guitar.

learn to play guitar bass