Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Fast

learn how to play guitar chords fast
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In a guitar, since the notes repeat in the 12th fret and beyond, how do you then learn to master the guitar?

in acoustic, since the 12th fretted sixth string E is the same as the 2nd fret 4th string E, and on and on for the rest of the notes, before and after.

since the high notes can be found in low strings, how do you then use that to master the guitar, in playing chords easier, and all the rest of the stuff, that will help you learn faster

You master guitar by learning your scales ( major, minor, Major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scales) these are the most common scales, there are others. You should also learn chord theory as well. Its hard to master anything unless you understand what you are doing.

Scale instruction is near the end of this article

learn how to play guitar chords fast