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What is the absolute best guitar in the world?

I would like to learn to play guitar. I want better than I can get my hands on. What should I buy?

Whatever the Fender "Start" or a Gibson Les Paul. You choose depends on the music we play. The Les Paul has a warmer, more complete (IMO), while the beginning has a clean, sharp and very versatile. I like having a house sit in my chamber music, but since I had to make a decision, I have a Les Paul Custom (well. .. a Greco a copy.) I would say if you are a beginner, keep your money yet. Get a fender or squier start (for a few hundred dollars) and you can also get a Les Paul Epyphone. Play both and then decide what you want to spend thousands of dollars. A quality guitar is a beautiful thing, but I do not end up with a guitar who do not. — My Blog: http://www.peteandmegan.com

learn guitar world