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learn guitar tricks online
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Guitar Tricks is worth the money?

I saw this site for guitar stuff, pretending to be big and it's worth, etc., etc., but I'm always skeptical of online websites that require money, I'd love to have the pleasure of learning the guitar and be able to stay home and not having to get a tutor. so basically it's really worth it? Will I really learn to play guitar as well? etc.

I've never tried, but after playing over 15 years I can tell you there are no tricks or shortcuts. The best way to learn guitar, at least initially, with a teacher. If you can not, then the best thing to do is learn how to play songs simple, little little and quite right, before their arrival every day. As you learn the songs, you can learn new chords and riffs and gradually learn songs that are a little harder as you progress. Over time you develop a repitoire and what you can learn to write their own songs and guitar solos. Do not waste your money on gadgets such as my experience has shown that they are rubbish.

learn guitar tricks online