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learn guitar on dvds
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I'm 18 and want to learn bass guitar, what is the best way to do it?

I'm 18 and I'm learning the bass guitar. It took me about 6 years of piano, but I left 4 years ago and I have not played since. Well it took me 6 years, I taught piano no theory of music and feel like I'm basically musically inexperienced. I want to learn bass guitar, but I do not want to take lessons. Could for me to learn from just books and DVDs? Any suggestions on the titles? I feel I need something very specific and detailed. Besides, I'm not the person in the world coordinate. Is it a bad idea?

I just started, I'm only 14 years and has taken courses, but for about two weeks taught myself. 1.) Get a book that will teach you tabs, and examples on a CD that you can play 2.) Stay with the book until he has learned all the techniques the same individual. 3.) Daily practice 4.) If you have a friend who plays bass or guitar, ask them to help the base. 5.) Establish goals and work with them 6 times.) After 6 months, see if your friends want to start a band, it will keep you on track. 7.) Do not start playing songs at random, as you if you know the 8 techniques.) My book, which is very useful, but of course it is sometimes Progressive Rock Bass by Stephen Richter 9.) Obtaining a tuner, but 10 expensive.) Do not buy expensive low for now, get a cheap, never know if you stay with him. 11.) Of course, ask questions about the purchase / Rental of their 12 min.) Scales Store and notes and their location in the neck of the lower 13.) Easy start! 14.) Of course, to get an amp! 15.) Grave Research online. 16.) The classes are the best bet, as their teacher knows how the play is supposed to sound.

learn guitar on dvds