Learn Guitar Neck

learn guitar neck
Learn major scale link2 and link scales together across guitar neck lesson rock blues jazz metal

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I told my guitar lesson?

i been learning guitar for 4 months! … and my parents told me that if you learn anything? and I said yes !…. I learn in the book and my guitar teacher taught me a lot of strings! … Agreements such as bass, power chords blue, open chords …. and I know how to play the first half of the guitar neck !…. I know the name of frets as E, F first fret, second fret G …. etc. … and I almost finished my first book guitar !…. I can play very fast if I do a lot … .. wonder why I do not practice when I came back from school and learn about the Internet! … and I told them that I have no time whatever I'm learning right now is my teacher .. I will learn more about the Internet this summer, when I stay all week … but now I'm busy! … I am a sophomore by the way !…. u guys think I'm doing a good job or bad job! … I Quit Smoking!?

continue, but try to practice a bit. except that for 15 minutes per day.

learn guitar neck

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