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What are the Chileans and Argentines easy songs to learn guitar?

I have a Spanish project and must find a song or Chile Argentina to play guitar and sing (I've been laying for 8 months. I'm pretty good with the chord changes for a simple acoustic song would be great). I tried searching on Google but I can not wave the search results. If you could find the song with the lyrics (in Spanish, course) and send me a link to the chords or tabs really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Here is a link where you can find the songs. I recommend you try "Zamba my hope" is very easy to play on your guitar and what you learn immediately. Http: / / lacuerda.net/tabs/c/chalchaleros/zamba_de_mi_esperanza-2.shtml Here Chacarera fat. http://lacuerda.net/tabs/c/chalchaleros/?chacarera_de_la_gorda

learn guitar lyrics