Learn Guitar Hotel California

learn guitar hotel california
How to play Hotel California on acoustic guitar part 1- intro

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I am a little confused and need advice on this?

Well then … Recently I heard "Hotel California" to guitar and played very well .. CuZn and my parents and have their b-day that day and invited 100 people in the restaurant ….. want to play the song at the festival … He hired a group of professional musicians to perform throughout the festival, and I want to play the song with them …. I'm 13, im nervous … IDK I will, but at the same time, do not want to spoil …. I do this? idk if my cousin basically desided choice for me … advice? How can I get quieter? You think should I do? please help

I'd say go ahead, every performer, even the stars get the big pop nervous when is made, the only difference is that they have learned to control his nervousness. Naturally, you feel nervous just befroe on stage, but if you have practiced and are fully prepared nerves disappear once you start playing. Have a band going back to build confidence and Most wedding bands are very improvisation is simply to support what you do. The most important thing when playing the group is in harmony and keep the right rhythm, so that Tune your guitar with a good tuner in advance, if they have a question from a member of the band because them or to help you adjust. Maintain a pace not to cause a consistent performance and leading pace booty drummer crazy over evil. Also, make sure the hook Op correctly on your system sound with good volume and is able to hear you on the screen. They are very important to practice hard and you must arrive early to ensure that all these things are in place Courage! and fun is what comes to music playback.

learn guitar hotel california

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