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learn guitar free online video

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Well, I always wanted to play the guitar since I was little I thought the best instrument. but I am now 16 and thought it might be too late to learn? Is it too late for me to learn? Also, do not know how a good guitar for beginners? I speak of the acoustic guitar. any other help would be appreciated:] and it is available on the net I can watch the videos free guitar lesson

He never, never too late to learn. You can get decent sound for a student about $ 50. As you discover it, you want a better guitar. Acoustics not produce a beautiful sound, do not blame you for choosing, but only to know, electric guitars are easier to learn because it is easier to bend / Fret the strings. Many free online courses. Doug Marks offers relatively inexpensive lessons call method of metal, no matter what kind of music want to play, I know that jazz musicians who loved the course. That's how I learned to play 25 years ago.

learn guitar free online video