Learn Guitar Fingerings

learn guitar fingerings
Guitar Basics for Beginners : Basic Fingering Techniques for the Guitar

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Guitar Fingering?

I'm starting to learn to play guitar … I am a teacher. I know how to read music, because I was in the band before … but the problem I have is with the fingerings. I've got a graph showing the cables with notes and tablets … I can read and … but the problem is that I do not know what finger to put on. Is it specific Prosid fingers on a given string … or just the fingers of one manner that is most comfortable for you? Thank you!

Help with your fingers in some agreements, because it allows quick and transparent to other agreements and melodies to play. An example is the G string (32OOO3). I recommend placing the second finger on "2" and the ring finger "3." The little finger is placed in the small chain on the third fret. This position allows the change G-7 or C chord easier.

learn guitar fingerings