Learn Guitar Cords

learn guitar cords
Learn ‘Ajeeb daastan hai yeh’ guitar chords & strumming tutorial by Jasraj

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On the guitar how many cords should i learn a day if……….?

i want to at least kinda know how to play in two weeks and i am just talking notes i no that in two weeks i am not going to be able to play a song or anything just so i can know the notes or if you just know how many cords are on a guitar then i can do the math

Playing the Guitar isn’t something that can be done quickly,Practice,Practice, Practice,Here’s a cool website that will help you, It gives you all the chords played in the first 3 frets, and also teaches you how to do bar chords,(Click on the Guitar Easy” button.) I Hope I’ve helped. www.chordhouse.com (Put this in your favorites, and pass it on) It teaches,Piano, Guitar, And Bass Chords) Oh Yeah, If your fingertips start hurting, rub them back and forth on some carpet, or concrete to help speed up the callus process,(Don’t rub to the point of being uncomfortable, but this works. Good luck, contact me if I can help you more

learn guitar cords