Learn Guitar Chords Videos

learn guitar chords videos
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self-education and self-taught guitar player, it was easier to learn the notes or chords in the first place?

I had this guitar almost a year, and the session is here because I tried to find someone who can give me lessons. I am a musician, trained and played the flute for 13 years, I play the piano by ear since I was six, and I'm a singer. My sister bought me a guitar for my present and college graduation was kind enough to be here because I was taking lessons, but never time and can not find a good teacher of the little town where we live, I bought books and watching videos on youtube as a starting point until you can find an instructor, but someone told me I should start by the strings before the notes, this kind of nonsense for me a guitar. I learned to play piano with the first chords, even before starting to play the flute, but it seems that the guitar can be a little different because I "see" what I do to this instrument b4 I can really see where my fingers go and start looking up. What was the best for you while you learned?

I listen to music played by ear the first thing we need to know is the air agrees with her piano and what are the 6 strings Notes open fine large chains, open all mail, d, g, b, and as the piano each note of a semitone so thick rope chain called briefings are open e, f, f #, G, G #, A, A #, b, c. …. etc. .. return its c, b, b flat, one, one flat, G flat, E, all you need to do is that each string a semitone to know what each note and his piano check this link and follow the agreements on the merits and also listen to mp3 http://dddoc.fr33webhost.com/DDDOC 20LYRICS/wsgt% ~ 1.html

learn guitar chords videos

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