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The servers are a group known for playing rock & roll with a bar band, boogie woogie flavor.


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Formed in Los Angeles late 1970, the original lineup featured brothers Brian O'Neal (keyboards, vocals) and Kevin O'Neal (bass, vocals), Gus Louderman (vocals), Mike Jones (keyboards, vocals), Vic Johnson (guitar) and Steve Felix (drums). All members the band were African American, except Felix, who is Hispanic.

The group is best known for her appearance in the 1982 film 48 hours., in which he has their song "New Shoes" and "The Boys Are Back In Town" (the last song is also heard in the end credits). The group opened for co-star of the movie, actor Eddie Murphy, during subsequent "Delirious" round stand-up comedy, including a one-hour special that aired on HBO. On January 29, 1983, boys were also musical guests on an episode of Saturday Night Live presented by Murphy.

Track song "Cleanin 'Up the Town" is a small success for the band, reaching # 68 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles in the United States. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie Ghostbusters 1984. The album was nominated for a Grammy.

His first two albums on Arista, Minimum Wage Rock & Roll and American workers, has reached the Billboard 200.

In 1985 they released their third album titled Money Do not Make No man with more than a synth-funk. The band replaced Jones and the keyboardist Andy Louderman Kapner (also known as Andrew Kapner, Drewke) and Bill Steinway. Greg French also replaces Kevin O'Neal on bass, although both O'Neal and Louderman is credited as additional musicians. The Bus Boys toured with the group, which seems prominent acts such as Linda Ronstadt, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats and ZZ Top. His television appearances include many American Bandstand, Soul Train and Don Kirshner Rock Concert.

Leon was a member of Sha Na Na over 15 years and Johnson is currently the guitarist Sammy Hagar.

In 2000 they released their fourth album, (Children) Back in Town, which included re-recorded versions of two popular songs 48 hours. Louderman Gus (voice), wrap-up the band with two new members, Kenny Tomlin (bass) and George Evans (Guitar). It was the first time the song was made available to any of the CDs of the band. Brian O'Neil said in an interview Songfacts with that "nearly 20 years, was probably the most famous song in the history of the United States had never been published. "


The group has experienced a rebirth in large part to the popular use of "The Boys Are Back In Town" television sports programs. The track has been the subject of the NBA and Fox Sports Network coverage of Major League Baseball. In addition, his song "Did You See Me" was used to promote the NFL Re-Play series on the NFL Network in 2006 and 2007.

After several years in Shadow, Busboys made an appearance in ABC television during the Capital One Bowl on New Year's Day 2005 under its new name, "Brian O'Neal and servers. "And in early 2006, which began to publish songs from his new musical project, Sex, Love and Rock & Roll, by downloading digital. The album would be released on CD in late 2007.

In July 2007, the group announced on their website that they were working on a documentary film, The history Brian O'Neal and divers led by Ruth Robinson.


Rock & Roll Minimum Wage

(Published in Arista Records 1980)

"Doctor Doctor"

"Minimum Wage"

"Can You See Me"

"There Goes The Neighborhood "

"Johnny Soul'd Out"



"Day J "


"We are united"


U.S. workers

(Posted on Arista, 1982)

The term "American worker"

"New Shoes"

"Last Forever"


"Heart And Soul"

"I Get Lost"

Soul Surfing USA "

"Yellow Lights"

"Falling In Love"

"I Believe"

Money Do not Make No-Man

(Date seal launch in rattlesnake venom, 1988)

"Never give up"

"Work Hard"

Money Do not Make No Man

"You will find the top"

"For the purposes of Rock Roll"

"Something Strange

"Boys Night Out"

"Status Change"

(The Boys Are) Back in Town

(Published in the folder with the venom of a rattlesnake, 2000)

"(Children) Back In Town"


"Rockin 'and Rollin' In Lodi"

"Do not Let Go"

"Black Man"

"Can Get That Thang No More "

"Sunday Morning"

"New Shoes"

"Do not make no money Man

"Rock & Roll"

"Is not Rockin '


^ The Boys Are Back In Town Songfacts

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