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Pt general knowledge. XVIII

What is uranium dating?

Uranium dating is one way of determining the age of ancient objects, even a million years, measuring the amount of the following are present in them: the amount of radioactive isotopes of uranium and the amount of materials other than radioactive decay of isotopes. These measures, combined with knowledge of the initial state of the object of study (ie, the composition of the time of the death of a body, or the formation of a mineral) and the rate of radiation that is done, would the age of the object. Uranium dating is useful when radiocarbon dating itself can not be used.

Why is Scotland Yard has called?

The name of the police headquarters is derived from its original location on Great Scotland Yard, a street in Whitehall. According to an article from 1964 in The New York Times the name comes from buildings in the area used to house the Scottish kings when they visited the English rights. The original commissioners of the Metropolitan Police, Colonel Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne, prepared in a private house at 4 Whitehall Place, which has supported an open courtyard, which became known as Scotland Yard.

What was the original name of the owl?

Typical owls are owls (Strigidae) belonging to the genus Megascops. Name the species has been created Kennicott in honor of the explorer and naturalist Robert Kennicott United States. Owl is officially called Kennicott. Twenty-living species are known today, but the news is often known and unknown are still being discovered regularly, especially in the Andes. They are confined to the Americas.

Which is a vegivore?

A vegivore is a person who wishes and has a predilection particularly for vegetables. It must be because the person has an aversion to eating meat, but only because of an intense desire to vegetables. To vegivore, meat products may appear only as an accompaniment to add flavor to the dish. He / she is the dish of vegetables more than satisfy the meat dish.

What a webisode?

A webisode is an episode to promote unique technology. A webisode can be preview or promoting aparticularTV show, music, video or other showpresented a site streaming video or other techniques. Some sites are dedicated webisodes.Inshort presentation, webisodes are the episodes that we see on the web. It consists of a combination of two words: "Web" and "episode". A series of webisodes created a website, a series of episodes for free on the Internet or mobile phones.

Who is a Twude and is a Twidette?

A Twude is someone who is tough on Twitter, while Twidette is one that has not joined Twitter. For Tweeples (Read people) who want to know the words by-twitter over the latter, an online dictionary called twittonary widely used by the tweeter, is available.

What is the difference between an attorney general and attorney general?

Attorney General of India is the government of India's chief legal counsel and advice in dealing with the Supreme Court of India. The deficit Overall fiscal India is appointed by the President under Article 76 (1) of the Constitution. The Attorney General of India is designed to assist the Attorney General as well as four additional attorneys general.

What is the arrow Registration Vehicle plates defense mean?

Unlike other license numbering systems, vehicles for the defense have a unique numbering system. Numbers are registered by the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi, the first (or third) character is always an arrow pointing up. The next two digits (or both before the arrow), the year that the Department of Defense has purchased the vehicle. The following is the code base, followed by the serial number. The letter ends after the serial number of the vehicle class. The arrow keeps the number of misreading in the case of tuition fees (and / or vehicle that contains it) turned upside down.

What is the meaning ritual of "pardon the turkey" Thanksgiving?

The National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation ceremony will be an annual Held at the Garden of the White House Rose. The tradition officially began in 1947 when members of the National Federation turkey presented to the President Truman with the national Thanksgiving turkey. The ceremony allows the President to the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season. formany years, presidents have saved the life of national forgiveness grantingita'presidential Turkey. "

Which is a schlimazel?

A schlimazel is a person who is prone to accidents and, therefore, considered unlucky, and why even the same thoughtof asabornloser. The person is not stupid and most of the things you try. Schlimazel also used as a verb, for example, a person is "schlimazzeled. The word has its origin in the Yiddish vernacular.

What is the deduction of Holmes?

Holmes stories often begin with a demonstration of bravery, talented Holmes deduction. Holmes (British adjective) or deduction Sherlock Holmes (U.S.) are mainly to make inferences on the basis of guidelines simple are the result of careful inductive study. Holmes techniques are generally "the form If p then q, where 'p' is observed evidence and 'q' is what the evidence indicates. But there. Some brokers based on principles of simplicity a normal situation.

What is the origin of the syntax of the word?

The word "syntax" is DerivedFrom "Syntax" the Greek word meaning "together" and "sequence". The term is used to the way words are put together in an ordered system of formphrases or phrases. Basically, the syntax is the standard by which signals are combined to make statements. Taking into account the words of a language of signs, then the syntax is the set of rules that are signs and to make statements, questions, and produce other programs. Integrates grammar syntax sentences, clauses and sentences.

What is the brown skin syndrome?

Tan skin syndrome when skin is exposed to heat for long periods of time, and appears as a dark color change, sometimes on the model of the skin. The condition can cause permanent discoloration of the skin and can even cause cancer of the skin, depending on the degree of damage. In the old days, people who worked near heat sources, such as bakers, blacksmiths, are often affected. Today, many people will get high just to maintain power, heat generation notebook on your lap for hours at a time.

What are the jersey numbers assigned to cricket?

1995-96 World Series Cup in Australia saw the first use of numbers in international cricket, with most players assigned their number and certain players get to choose your number. Other countries soon adopted practice, but only several years after the players the same number throughout the year. Player numbers began was used in the World Cup Cricket in 1999, when the captains had the number ersey Ij and the rest of the team were numbered between 2 and 15.

What is the famous Bolshoi Theatre?

The Bolshoi Theatre, called also great drama or great, is a historic theater in Moscow, Russia, designed by architect Joseph Bovi, which ballet and opera. The Bolshoi Bolshoi ballet ballet and opera are among the oldest and largest opera world, respectively Thetheat return is the parent company of the Academy Ballet Bolshot.

Which is a tweetheart?

Whois Atweetheartis someone much admired and followed on Twitter. One could tweetheart be a celebrity, or even a public figure that generally defines a trend, and collects a fan – Twitter – next. Some are tweethearts journalists and even activists who innovate. Many celebrities lives revealtheir via Twitter, andthis is bathed by other tweeters. There is another meaning to the phrase too: tweeters are soulmates, while networking at the same time tweethearts information.

Why bulb 10 watts known as a center from scratch?

Technically, he can not light a bulb without making entry greater than zero watts. zero watts is not really zero, but refers to the minimum power. Inaccurate electric meters in the first days could not measure a significant amount of consumption and at that time, the meter Watt-hour was a spinning disk and when all other lights were off, the disk would rotate at least, no registration, including the consumption of 10W. Theorigin Thisled the term "zero watt" but it is incorrect. Today, electricity meters can even save electricity used as indicators in the switches.

What is dual-use technologies?

Dual use is a term often used in politics and diplomacy to refer technology that can be used for both peaceful and military means. Often called the proliferation of nuclear, biological butthat weapons is an important issue too. Many types of nuclear reactors for producing fissile material like plutonium as a by-product, which could be used in developing nuclear weapons, however, nuclear reactors can also be used for peaceful, civilian such as providing electricity to a city. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union spent billions of dollars in developing of rocket technology, which could lead humans into space.

What is a map legend?

Amapá history is a guide to all the symbols on a map. Helps a person to read a map correctly. Both the shapes and colors can be used for the symbols on a map. In short, a legend of the map is like a dictionary, so you can understand what the card represents. Vegetation characteristics topography, surface features, etc. are all represented by single symbols, in most cases, are standardized.

Whatis Olympic Tower in 2016?

The 2016 Olympic Tower is a vertical structure that will be placed on the island of Cotonduba. Serve both as an observation tower, and a good sign for visitors arriving by air and by sea to Rio de Janeiro, where the 2016 Olympics will be. The project is Zurique, and uses solar energy during the day with the power of groups solo to pump sea water

What Flamenco?

Flamenco is a dance and musical form practiced in Spain. It was developed in Gypsy, Arab and Latin American influences, the latter being the effect of colonization of the Americas for four centuries. Instrumentalmusic and dance combines three areas, namely small cabaret concerts scale and theaters. You can use the flute or saxophone, or guitar and a dance pattern that has developed over the centuries. Representation Theatre is a ballet.

Who is Aunt Millie?

The aunt is a term used to describe an unsophisticated investor uneducated is new and unknown to the investment, making it vulnerable to bad investment decisions. It has a pejorative connotation in the Financial. Aunt Millie used to refer to a low-risk investment that offers the first time, inexperienced investors.

What is the path of Bourbon?

A visiting program administered by the Kentucky Distillers' Association (KDA), Kentucky Bourbon Bourbon Trail and to promote industry Kentucky bourbon is over 200 years. People in an e-passport promotion has been endorsed by all participating distilleries get free shirts Association. The route was launched in 1999 by seven of the eight refineries in the region.


Sukkot is one of three "Pilgrim Festivals" in the Jewish tradition. Celebrated the 15th ofTishri, ie, in late September to late October is a reminder of the type of precarious housing in which the ancient Israelites lived for 40 years after the Exodus from Egypt. Thefestivallasts seven days. The first be celebrated as a festival with special prayer services. The other days are known as Chol Hamoed (Day weekend).

What is the Coastal Zone?

The coastal area is part of the river or the sea that is closest to the coast. Extends from the coast to 600 feet (183 meters) in water and is divided into three zones called supralittoral, intertidal and subtidal. The region is an area difficult when it comes to predicting water conditions due to many factors that affect them. coastal currents, winds, land and sea, coral, Berries in the dry part of the coast are some of the things sailors have to deal with their passage through this area.

What is Roman Greco?

It is the style of wrestling practiced throughout the world. Greco-Roman wrestling was first contested in the Games Modern Olympics in 1896 and was included in each edition of the Summer Olympic Games held since 1908. The style is different from the struggle, and the prohibition the holding below the waist. This directs the focus on the band as a fighter can not use travel to get an opponent to the ground or avoid grabbingtheir throws opponent down or leg.

What agitation Hornet's Nest?

Hornets and wasps are insects. Their nests are similar to those performed by bees. Incorporate a hornet's nest to stir metaphorically, a state of silence / Quiet which is filled with anger, discord or one with chaos. It also means to provoke an attack by a swarm of enemies hate or think critically. This metaphor can be explained by herself when a "stirred a hornet's nest" hornets fly out of its nest in a fit of nerves and cause of the disturbance.

What is the hour glass ceiling?

This is a barrier function of time at career advancement, often face when working mothers spend more time working parents with their families rather than in the workplace. Almost all top positions demand more hours in the workplace, but mothers are rarely able to develop flexible work schedules, particularly because of the lack of cooperation of the people around them.

What is a carrom ball in cricket?

Carrom Ball is the place where the ball is held between the thumb, index and middle finger, and instead of a conventional press, pressed and snapped his fingers like the shape of a disk illuminated carrom board. The first player known to have used this type of delivery has been Australia's Victoria Jack Iverson, who used it during his probationary period in the period after the Second World War, although it does not use "carrom ball", the name. It is used by off-spinners and was reintroduced Ajantha Mendis in Sri Lanka in 2007-08. Currently, only Ajantha Mendis and Ravichandran Ashwin of India are used in international cricket.

What Bom is the Sabbath?

"Born on Saturday" is a Portuguese word meaning "Good Sabbath in English. Bom Saturday, in recent months, the | and come to refer to a virus has infected javascriptbiased social networking site Orkut. The virus has hit the site on Saturday in September 2010. This is a message generated Souvenir book that fills automatically from the user, like a piece of the list of a friend.

What is a war of money?

the currency war also known as "competitive devaluation" is a condition in international affairs that countries compete with each other to achieve a relatively low exchange rate for its currency to help the domestic industry. Foreign Wars have been rare in history, since even in times when a type system of fixed exchange rates have not been in force, countries have preferred to maintain a high value of its currency or were content to let its value be set by markets.

What is the origin "High Five" in sport?

The term "High Five" is a hand gesture made by both partners to congratulate the other in a achtevement combined. A maximum of five involving both partners to raise their hands each with outstretched fingers, and slap; ping'each other palms, saying: "Give me five." The first word has entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 1980 and is saidto have their origin in the United States basketball. Some say that five high was used in basketball in 1977 by Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker, while others say that the gesture was first used by the cry of Street in the 1960s.

What beach volleyball?

Beach volleyball is an Olympic team sport is mainly played in the sand (although sometimes they can do at home), but what fundamentally distinguishes the volleyball players is that each team has two players from each one. Like other variants of volleyball, two teams, separated by a high net, trying to win points against the other by land a ball on the ground of the other team. Originally from Southern California and Hawaii, beach volleyball is now popular worldwide, even in countries without traditional beaches of Switzerland.

What is a dramatic comedy?

Entertainment television style that combines two genres, the drama also includes various styles of television, theater andfilm. Balances humor and drama, or serious content in almost equal measure. A comedy-drama also called dramedy seriocomedy or one of the first times dramedywasattempedwas Charlie Chaplin's "Kid.

What is black power?

In astronomy, black power is a hypothetical form energy than the entire space into meat and tends to increase the rate of expansion of the universe. Black power currently accounts for 73% of the mass-energy total of universe. Black power was used as an essential ingredient in a recent attempt to develop a cyclic model of the universe. Nature black power is very homogeneous, not very dense.

What a docusoap?

The term is formed docusoap in two words – documentary and soap (TV series). A docusoap is a television documentary with elements of soap opera: a TV style documentary that combines the soap opera aspects, for example, which shows the personal lives of people in your workplace. The term came into circulation 20 th century.

What is the Nido (Nest) Therapy?

Nido (Nest) focuses on therapy changing environment of a nobody, not his personality The idea that changing the environmental context can help heal mental illness is important. This includes our environment Physical and our culture and biochemistry. Nido (Nest) treatment a high priority on the individual and individual therapy for the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction and dependency chemistry. It is also used in the treatment of drug addiction, psychosis and personality disorders.

What is the Scarlet Day

Scarlet days is the term used at the University of Cambridge for the designation of days where doctors are forced to use a university holiday attire. It is so named because elements of costume scarlet robes and hoods complete festive worn by doctors compared with black dresses each day. These days, it is also possible for members of the University to use the academic dress of other universities that were obtained degrees.

What is the origin of judo?

Judo has its origins in the ancient Japanese art of jujutsu (alsojujitsu) a system of close combat. The bushi of feudal Japan (samurai) is generally credited with the development of jujutsu. In his time, art was known as Yoroi Kumi-uchi, where fighters fought, completely covered with a Japanese armor. The chronicle of the Japanese nation, government documents, unarmed competitions (hikari-Kurabi) dates back to 230 B C. Unlike Westerners in combat melee thejujutsufighterwas should be flexible, giving the impression of performance gain.

What a NEET?

NEET is a term used for a young person who is not engaged in a program of work, education or training. Is an acronym derived the phrase "not in employment, education or training," a government classification is often used to refer step that adolescents or young adults go through when they have nothing to do. However, the age group of people in this category varies from one county to another.

Why Why an Englishman named John Bull?

John Bull was Originally the brainchild of Dr John Arbuthnot, physician to Queen Anne, who wrote in 1712 a collection of booklets entitled The History of John Bull "But wanted to remain anonymous. The term has become a national personification of England, and in particular Great Britain, particularly in political cartoons. Sometimes refers to the whole UK, but has not been accepted in Scotland and Wales.

What is the origin of the term Trench Kiss?

One theory is associated with France which is known as the city of love Paris with the Eiffel Tower and examined symbols of romance. Another theory is that the French kiss is a derogatory term used during the war, "it was said that the French prefer to make love with their faces to fight. The term dates at least from the 1820s and became popular again during the 1920s, when the French thought to be affected, then with passion and love.

Why the international community established as the deadline zigzag?

The International Date Line (IDL) passes through the Pacific Ocean. Is an imaginary line, such as longitude and latitude. The time difference on both sides of this line is 24 hours. Therefore, the change of date because it crosses this line. To avoid confusion date, this line is drawn across the sea, where it is and not the earth. Therefore, the IDL is set in a zig-zag.

Why celestial bodies spherical?

celestial bodies are spherical because gravity always collect enough mass to close together the resulting gravity, which follows the inverse square law, also attracted in all directions and results in a spherical shape. Whatever the material composition of the object with a diameter of several hundred miles is sufficient to create a spherical shape.

What Humboldt penguins are?

They are penguins in South America that breed on the coast of Peru and Chile. Humboldt penguins are named after cold water than anything, which is named after the explorer Alexander von Humboldt. These birds are medium gray with black upper and whitish in some regions and a black breast-band extending over the flanks to the thigh. They have a base of pink flesh to the bill. Juveniles have a black head and chest not. They have thorns on the tongue, which are used for grasping prey.

What infoganda?

Infoganda – an acronym for information and propaganda – the currency has been found to describe a new or a work literature that is informative and also has an underlying agenda. Infoganda is often used by governments and religious organizations to promote particular message. The word has a negative bias to it.

What is a chicken market in stock trading?.

chicken market "is used to represent one of the trends represented by the stock market index. Bear and bull markets imply a downward and upward, respectively, while a chicken market plays no significant movement of the stock index. Chicken we use the term for an investor afraid to take risks.

What is the Chandrasekhar limit in astronomy?

When the sun is cooling about five million years, gravity cause it to shrink. It will end as a solid mass – a dead star, the dwarf white. In the 1930s, Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar Indian scientists discovered that if a white dwarf has more than 1.4 times more massive than the sun will not be able to continue. Is the Chandrasekhar limit.

Why would a person cry while having a rich laugh?

People weep in response to emotion, good or bad, because the signals from higher brain centers that tell if the lacrimal glands are happy or sad. These signals travel through parasympathetic pathways, which is part of complex models of emotion that our body recognizes instinctively.

What is the origin of the relay race?

The relay, which is now an Olympic sport, began with the native that transmit messages between the tribes. Legends are passed down from generation to generation and from tribe to tribe. In some instances, when messages are urgent, two messengers were sent separately in different directions same message. In some cases, messages must be sent a tribe a person can not cover huge distances. It was begun relay races.

What that D-2 technology in cars?

Today, 2D barcodes are used in automobiles. There are two types of codes bars that are widely used: one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D). 1-D barcode is common in most household products, while bar code 2-D is common for industrial products where you need more information to be stored on the label.

What is associated Anubis?

Anubis is the Greek name for the jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife of Egyptian myth. In the former Egyptian language, Anubis was known as "inpu. The oldest known mention of Anubis is in the Old Kingdom pyramid texts, where it is associated Pharaoh's funeral. At that time, was the god Anubis largest of death, but was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by Osiris. After that Anubis became one of the many son of Osiris, and the conductor of souls to hell. His totem of the jackal is probably due to the fact that jackals hunting near cemeteries throughout Egypt.

WHAT slacktivism?

Slacktivism is used to describe activism that does not require a person to put in a great effort. Slaektivistsjoin causes Internet and get a sense of satisfaction, without even leaving their chairs. It is somewhat derogatory term meaning causes, compared to activism as a crusade, a slacktivist rarely identified the cause and not a flag, card type.

What is cloud computing?

The reference to the term cloud computing, there is a service provided by a third person – usually a provider of technology "and offered on a subscription basis by leveraging the Internet. The main proposal is to move away from heavy investments in costly settlement options and profitable economic agreements are offered on a one-to-many. There is a misperception that cloud computing refers to a software-only, but that includes the hardware as a service that allows calculate demand.

Why the countdown so important, while launching a rocket?

Account timer is counting aloud in the opposite direction of 10 to 1, before an event. When launching a rocket, a countdown is a carefully designed a set of procedures which ends with the firing of a rocket motor, which begins 72 to 96 hours before launch time. During the countdown, procedures Step by step, like a vehicle on the launch site, the cost of essential elements necessary to start implementing the communication with launch center, etc., are executed. If all goes well, "T" "less time, 3 minutes and 40 seconds sets and starts the ignition process.

Who is Jack Frost?

A common figure in the folklore of the West, Jack Frost del tiempo es una personificación nippiest invierno, con el cese of acreditado hermosos como patrones en las ventanas of plantas y las hojas helar. His name is probably of Norse derivation, the Scandinavians have known as "Jokul FYosir or Jack Frost. The Saxons who settled in Britain had its snow and freezing Lord King.

What is the mystery of the island Easter?

Easter Island is the easternmost island of Polynesia, located 3,200 km west Chile annexed it in 1888. The island is so named because it was discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722 by Admiral Dutch Jacob Roggeveen. Its mystery is in the hundreds of carved stone statues, 12 meters, located on the island, even if it was uninhabited date of discovery.

What is the Cloud Gate?

Cloud Gate is internationally renowned sculpture designed by the British-born artist Anish Kapoor Indian is located in the center of the AT & T Plaza in Chicago, Illinois, and was completed in 2006. The stainless steel sculpture in an arc, and is about 12 feet long and weighs 110 tons. Is this the result of Anish Kapoor's contest, he won. Although experts raise concerns about the design and feasibility, which was completed with little or no modification and is now considered as an architectural wonder.

What a climber?

A jungle gym, also known as name bars or swing, is a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of thin material such as metal pipes or, more land of current games, rope, in which children can climb, hang, and sit down. It was built as a traditional metal bars and was introduced in 1920 by lawyer Sebastian Hinton in Chicago.

What is a holiday?

A bank holiday is allocated as left an employer to an employee each year. A study of vacation deprivation found that many employees do not use their full license, the addition of many days of production. An employee falls in the bank to extend the application week and sprayed throughout the year. "Bank Holiday" has acquired a more recent – the creation of a bank of hours off Unused for employees. Instead of letting the license lapse, an employee may transfer day "holiday period" of society – Which can be used by any employee in a crisis.

Quelle est la stratégie océan bleu?

This is a corporate strategy does not create an issue, the untapped market. The metaphor of the ocean blue and red outlines market: the blue oceans denote industries do not exist today where demand is created rather than fought. red ocean existing industries are now – there are limits and rules of competition are known. competition becomes fierce ocean of blood, which gives that " red ocean "of the term. Explained in the book" Blue Ocean Strategy "by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne W.

What products contain sugar?

sugar-free products contain sugar substitutes, and some are natural and synthetic. Artificial sweeteners are saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium neotame, and stevia. Artificial sweeteners are cornpounds 300-500 times more slowly than sucrose (table sugar). In therefore, less sweetener is needed, the energy contribution is often negligible levels in the blood glucose are not facts.

What is emissions trading?

Is this an advanced method to control pollution through economic incentives. A government authority sets a limit or cap on the amount of pollutants that may be issued in an open environment. Manufacturers are issued emission permits and assigned an equivalent number of allowances (or credits) that emit specific pollutants. The companies need to increase their allowances must buy credits from companies that pollute less – this is called emissions trading.

What are crop circles?

The mystery of crop circles are circles that farmers in southern England was observed, especially in 1980. Much of their fields were trampled in the media night. At times, crops were flattened in strange designs. Although it was made to look like machines were used, the crops were not damaged.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a term used in dbcupients CIA for a military base 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, at number 51 of the Nevada Test Site Network. This is a block of land of six to 10 miles, which is a big secret air base at the edge of Groom Lake. The foundation was created in 1954 to test the plan secret U-2 spy, in addition to research on UFOs and alien organisms.

What a tea party protest?

A demonstration of the Tea Party is part of a series of demonstrations against the government organizes the United States from early 2009 to express their anger and frustration with government policy, which supposedly promotes waste public funds and led to high taxes. The term is based on the historic "Boston Tea Party of 1773, which opposed the tax imposed by tea

British government.

What music tag?

Cloud is a new music service which was removed the need to download music. Music lovers now have music at your fingertips, simply by subscribing forest companies in this new activity. Membership is cheap and the song / album is played instantly via a mobile device that connects to Internet via the cellular network. Photography Composition music tag back to music companies.

What a sudden birth?

The administration of vaccines were famous military fighting tactics practiced by the Parthians, the ancient people Iranian native of north-eastern Iran asked Parthians. "The tactics of deliveries" The question was to surprise the enemy with misdemeanor Leakage of action with light horse, dividing his own forces to claim removed and then suddenly turning back the enemy and shower with deadly arrows, and destroy the environment.

How is the market price of the quota set for the negotiations?

The price at which purchases and sales of the site is determined by market forces, demand and supply of a share particular. If a company has the confidence of investors and its stock price is expected to rise, many people even want to buy (demand) and very few sold at market prices (less supply). Buyers have to bid to match the sale price of the seller, the price increase actions. If there are more sellers than buyers, stock prices fall.

Which brand is the cross? How does it work?

Cross brand is a market approach to improve both brands through a partnership with others. Amazon, corn is especially known for the concept, working with brands like Toysrus, Office Depot and Weight Watchers. Another example is the support of Grasim Cement, L & T and use brand.

What are the rubber?

The rubber room is where hundreds of teachers Schools in New York, sitting and doing nothing, but their salaries are paid for each full year, hundreds of teachers have been suspended. Privileges education were temporarily but indefinitely revoked. Defendants of varying degrees of fault, these teachers are not allowed in the classroom. While waiting for a long procurement process, to report to a location off campus room called "rubber."

What is the resonant frequency of an object?

Each object has its own frequency at which this is achieved the amplitude maximum vibration, if allowed to vibrate freely after application of an external force. This frequency is called resonant frequency. The resonant frequency of an object depends on factors such as shape, mass and density. Even a house or a bridge has its own resonant frequency a single deck vibrates at a frequency resonance may collapse.

What is jiu-jitsu?

Jujutsu or jiu-jitsu literally means "art of softness" or "performance mode" is a collective name for Japanese martial arts styles, including including techniques for unarmed and armed. Jujutsu evolved among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method to defeat an opponent armed and armored unarmed. Due to the inefficiency of striking against an armed adversary, the method of neutralization of enemy uses the energy of a attacker against him, instead of opposing it. ;

What a rehook?

Rehook A is a film that is a film so powerful and compelling that the participants returned for repeat visits. Such success shows to keep the coffers full box office. Good examples are conventional as "Gone With the Wind," "Titanic", although the Bond series. New Success "Inception" is another rehook, with many people back for repeat performances, but because the plot is so complex that viewers want to give it meaning. It is the power of rehook. "

How "Good" come to be used as a greeting on the phone?

The first word to answer the phone was greeting nautical "Ahoy", because the first was the regular telephone system in the State of Connecticut Wed Alexander Graham Bell, inventor, answered the Gaelic "Today." But it was Thomas Edison greeting of "hello," an exclamation of surprise since the Middle Ages, who managed to answer the phone today, "Hello?" Another theory is that, having invented the telephone, called his friend who was called "Hello" so that the first word with him on the phone has become a hello. Before "Hello" has become popular, mobile operators started conversations with, "Are you there?"

What is La-La-Land?

Originally invented in 1981 by San Francisco native Bill (William) D Froelich, the term was used in the Cal Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe. Froelich was explaining to colleagues I was about to visit the parents of his girlfriend, La La Land, also known as Los Angeles. The term is quite indicative of Froelich, overlooking the city at this time. It are parallels between the fat-term (loss of consciousness, mental status high) and with regard to Los Angeles Froelich. After 29 years, Bill Froelich now lives in San Diego with his wife and son. Her parents still live in La La Land.

Why is the speech by Winston Churchill is known as the Speech from the "iron curtain?

Winston Churchill gave a speech in Fulton, Missouri, in March 1946, at the beginning of the Cold War. He said: "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the continent." It was the first to coin the term define aggressive drive from Stalin to control all areas east of Russia and West Germany Since then, the term is become popular to describe the strength of the Communists in Eastern Europe.

What is the theory of Hubbert's peak?

The theory is called the geophysicist M. King Hubbert United States. The theory posits that for a given geographic area of an individual oil-producing in the region of the planet as a whole the rate of oil production tends to follow a bell-shaped curve. He is one of the main theories on peak oil and is based on the observation that the amount of oil in the ground in any region is finite, so the rate of discovery which initially increases quickly must reach a maximum and decline.

What language is spoken in Minsk?

Minsk was a city of several languages over time. From ruthenium (who later became the modern Belarus). After 1569, Poland became the official language. Belarusian renaissance National has increased the use of language in Belarus, but after the Second World War (mid 1980), Minsk was almost exclusively Russian-speaking. Most Residents now use Russian in daily life. Belarus means well. Today, the language most commonly used is the International English.

What SoundBITE TV?

Children who are hooked on tele-vision show an inability to concentrate in class during a lesson in depth, some teachers say. TV SoundBITE the blame – the fast pace of television. Fed a diet of sounds and vision, these children show an ability to focus very short and the struggle to concentrate in class. Teachers also complain that these children are too bad when they are deprived of their fix of "fragments sound and vision."

What is the entropy of a software?

The trend over time for the software is difficult and expensive to maintain than the software known as entropy. Software that is changing continuous, such as adding new functionality to its original design eventually became more complex, losing his conception of the original structure, and may even become disorganized as it grows. In theory, it may be better to redesign the software to support the changes rather than relying on the program existing.

Why a sperm whale call it?

Semen is a form of toothed whales (Physeter catodon) with a large head with cavities containing the sperm whale, sperm whale. It is a white matter consists of several waxy fatty acid esters used for making candles, ointments and cosmetics. It has nothing to do with sperm, the male gamete.

What is arachnophobia?

An abnormal and persistent fear of spiders. Victims experience excessive anxiety arachnophobia, but realize that the risk meeting a spider and being harmed by it is weak or nonexistent. This phobia was exploited in the 1990 film "Arachnophobia." The word is derived from the Greek 'Arachne' (spider) and "phobos" (fear), after the mythical Arachne, a young girl who was an expert weaver, who became the goddess Athena into a spider on the challenge of a weaving competition.

What are the horse latitudes and how to get the name?

No two subtropical high pressure belt extending approximately latitudeSfc | 5 and 30 degrees latitude north and south of the equator. Horse Latitudes are generally high pressure areas marked by calmness, subsidence of air which is heated during descent. It is said that Spanish sailors carrying horses to the West Indies were usually trapped for months in these calm waters and had remove their horses into the water to keep the water clean for themselves. This led to "Horse Latitudes" of the term.

What is "dumping" means the computer jargon?

Dumping refers to the cleaning of data stored in the area main memory of a computer in the trash or in a place others in a disorganized manner. Dumping can be done in the case of system failure or under maintenance. The reason for dumping, in most cases is that data that has lost its value over takes time and huge memory space. landfill recovery is difficult but not impossible.

What is a flying saucer?

Many people have reported seeing unidentified flying objects, also known as UFOs in the sky. Some of those objects which are described in the form of discs or plates circling the area with a glow around him. These have mostly been interpreted as vehicles visiting foreign lands, but photographs of them are now regarded as hoaxes. The first observation of a large advertising by Kenneth Arnold in June 24.1947, led to the creation of the term by U.S. newspapers.

What is the surface scattering?

surface diffusion is a general process that involves the movement of adatoms (adsorbed atom lying on a glass surface used in surface chemistry to describe individual atoms extending surfaces and surface roughness), molecules and atomic clusters (adparticles) on the surfaces of solid materials. Tunneling diffusion is a particularly interesting example of an unconventional mechanism in which hydrogen has been demonstrated spread in clean metal surfaces through quantum tunneling.

What is a flophouse?

A night shelter is a place cheap accommodation. It is usually an apartment where some occupants pay rent, while others are unemployed and do nothing of his life, except drugs and abuse. Usually share a bathroom and living very closely. People using these sites are often transient, although some people stay there for years. They are just one step above homelessness. Rooms in hostels are very shabby small and can resemble office cubicles over a hotel room. In the past, the inns are called work, and seedy hotel men a little dirty. Some cities have an abundance of cheap crappy is well known in his own right, as the Bowery in New York.

How are the points in a stock he calculated?

Smart is actually an index of 50, not 100, stock. In addition, the Sensex is calculated float market capitalization that is, no shares held by the public, not by developers. But the owl is calculated by total market capitalization. Therefore, the shares of ONGC, as in use is great promoter gets very little weight in the Sensex, compared to the Nifty.

Which is a hypermiler?

Hypermilers are those who try to extract every bit of mileage out of their cars trying different techniques such as inertia, whenever possible, sometimes even stopping the engine, turn the air conditioning, etc. The term originated in the hybrid driving clubs. Some techniques are used by Hypermilers radicals, which are called renegades. Use extreme techniques may even jeopardize their safety

What saga that Greta?

Grettir's Saga is one of the best sagas of Icelanders, which details the life of Grettir Asmundarson an Icelandic warrior who became an outlaw. It was written in 13 and early Grettir Century 14 well-born, brave but troubleprone, to 14 years, killed a man in a fight and the outlaw. Passes these years in Norway performing many feats. Upon returning Iceland, who saves people Glam malicious ghost. The demon of death imposed a curse on him, predicting it will grow afraid of the dark. Grettir accidentally kills the chief's son and was banned again. Greta is sued by relatives of the men he was outlawed and other bad for the price on his head. Finally, crush your enemies with the help of witchcraft. His brother came to his death. The theme of the series can be summed up as gifts and good chance are often at odds.

What is a windfall tax?

The windfall tax is what is income tax hours Further, an abnormal increase in the profits of any organization or company in the ordinary course of business due to certain circumstances. A good example is the recent rise in oil prices in the world. In this case, oil exploration and production (E & P) make big profits companies if the oil is sold to refiners GDP at international prices, which are high. This gain is due to favorable conditions E & P and not because of cost savings or efficiency of other operations. These are the windfall profits tax and on profits is called extraordinary.

What is unique about the Bay Bridge Hangzhou?

Hangzhou Bay Bridge a bridge across Hangzhou Bay, on the east coast of China. Joined the municipalities of Shanghai and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province. It is the longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world even if it has the longest main span cable-stayed. The bridge is 36 km long with six lanes of highway in both directions. Construction started June 8, 2003 and was completed on June 14, 2007. Not open for public transport, but is only used for testing and evaluation.

why the bucket seat in automobiles called so?

According to some sources, the hub of the word comes from "bucket" the French word for car. A bucket seat is more comfortable, especially for extended travel. The bucket seats came after the Second World War in small cars due to lack of room for a third passenger for the presence of a floor mounted computer drive.

what Pareto (1980-1920) state of automation?

Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian engineer-sociologist who has studied the 19th century the number of persons in different income groups and their results shown in the diagrams. His important conclusion was that 80% of the wealth Total world is owned 20% of the population and that 20% of the wealth is owned 80% of the population. A similar trend is observed in many other problems where the number of factors contribute to a particular problem. In other words, 20% of causes contribute to 80% of the problem. The specific Pareto (1980-1920) for automation, however, is unprecedented.

what is special about the garden city of palkenberg?

Falkenberg Garden City is a residential complex in Berlin, Germany, has designed and built by renowned German architect and urban planner Bruno Taut (1880-1938). In designing the complex, Taut applies the concept of garden city he learned in England. The most striking aspect of this architecture is his use of color: each part of a building has a different color, in contrast with other parties and all parties, together, produce harmonious and pleasing effect. Falkenberg is also the name of a major city in the county of Halland on the west coast of Sweden. Located at the mouth River Atran. The city is known for its food and beverage, and has several beaches and lakes, which are major tourist attractions.

what is the origin of the negotiation period?

The negotiation period. Which came into use about 1820, owes its origin to the ingenuity of the famous horse traders who bought and sold horses? According to Macmillan English, difficult discussions and dishonest means, sometimes between people who try to reach an agreement. In political parlance, any negotiation length breath is characterized by negotiation and compromise difficult. often takes place in democratic institutions such as legislatures, where a member or a legislator to support certain project law or vote of confidence in exchange for support for their initiatives to another bill or legislation.

it is capitalism Die?

This is a concept introduced by Vladimir Lenin, who wrote that when capitalism is imperialism, capitalism is moribund. It describes the height of imperialist capitalism "ripe and rotten ripe capitalism", which will collapse and make way for socialism the concept mentioned in his 1916 book, Imperialism:. The Highest Stage of Capitalism.

hugronaphor is?

Hugronaphor is a minor king Nubian Upper Egypt, who reigned from 205 BC to 186 BC. Successful revolt against King Ptolemy IV, then 205 and who ruled over Much Egypt for 19 years and was replaced by Ankhmakis.

which is a chromophore?

A chromophore is a group of atoms and electrons (or fraction) that is part of the organic molecules responsible for color. This is a comprehensive system of electrons delocalized in a compound that gives its color, for example for the porphine ring of chlorophyll, or a benzene ring linked to azo bond N = N double. When a molecule absorbs certain wavelengths of visible light and transmits or reflects others, the molecule has a color. A chromophore is a region of a molecule in the energy difference between two molecular orbitals in the range of the visible spectrum. chromophore That'hits light visible can be absorbed by the excitation of an electron from its ground state into an excited state. In biological molecules that serve to capture or detect light energy is still a chromophore causes a shift of the molecule confermational when he was defeated by light.

in the stock market, what marketing is the concept of gray?

The gray market is a profession something legal, but through unofficial channels and unauthorized. In contrast, the black market in illegal goods or services through illegal. Products gray market importing and selling products to marketing channels not authorized by the manufacturers. It occurs when the price of a product is very different in different countries. The gray market for securities markets and the IPO (Initial Public Offering) is to buy and sell shares to be allotted in the future. Once the operation is performed on the gray market at a fixed price, the seller must deliver the number of shares sold to the buyer at the time of inclusion to honor the commitment.

what is unique "Dralion" production?

"Dralion" is an entertainment show produced by the Montreal based company Cirque du Soleil Inc., known for its dance dramas based cirque. The show "Dralion" has already toured the world, is currently in Sydney and was seen by seven million people. Is the main challenge is to project human life as an integral part of nature, and especially to celebrate the harmony between human life and the four elements nature – earth, air, water and fire. The theme is inspired by Chinese philosophy. He dances combine traditional Chinese circus acts and acrobatics gravitydefying only for Cirque du Soleil. The show presents a view very imaginative and magical. The title is a combination of two symbols of East and West – the dragon and lion.

Why glass is fragile?

Ordinary glass is soda-lime glass and is a mixture of silicates sodium, potassium, calcium and aluminum, etc. It is fragile because its molecular structure consists of tetrahedral crystals. These crystals have not a good supermarket ordered crystalline structure. Therefore, under stress, the structure has been broken.

What colors used in tattooing ink?

The majority of dye pigments are derived from metals. Black Dye nonmetallic and carbon black ink and logwood.

Runner you mean?

Is it the fastest supercomputer in the world built IBM and scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the U.S. military can calculate approximately 1,026 trillion calculations per second. Will mainly used for military problems, especially to ensure an accurate operation of aging nuclear weapons.

What is the Armenian genocide?

The Armenian genocide was carried out by the government of the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1916 and from 1922 to 1923. About 1.5 million Armenians in the empire 2.5 million were killed. Armenians worldwide commemorate the tragedy April 24 of each year.

What distinguishes Davos?

Located at an altitude of 1,560 meters, in the heart the Alps in Switzerland, Davos has the distinction of being the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest city in Europe. Its main attraction is the winter sport. There is also a favorite place for hosting international conferences like the World Economic Forum.

What is Mardi Gras?

Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras, where the liver is French for fat Tuesday is French for Tuesday The name comes from the tradition of sacrifice and celebration a fattened calf on the last day carnival. The annual festivities start on January 6th and build to a climax on Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, which always occurs at On the eve of Ash Wednesday.

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a pavilion structure, often octagonal, very common in parks, gardens and large areas. Gazebos shade, shelter, ornamental features in a landscape and a place of rest.

What a slumpometer?

Slumpometer The World is a measure used by economists to measure the severity the recession in many countries around the world. Because of unemployment. Gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI). For the average person, the increase unemployment and dismissal letters mean a recession. While for many economists, the recession has arrived when there is a decline in GDP for two successive quarters. For others, a recession is when the GDI began to dip, and is a more reliable than GDP.

What a surgical strike?

A surgical strike is an attack with missiles, bombers or ground in relation to specific objectives. Strike is planned with surgical precision so as to cause damage than the planned objectives and cause minimal damage to the environment. These attacks are generally conducted against terrorist camps or facilities such as power stations, arms depots, etc.

How the concept of "showcases" originate?

textiles and clothing store mannequins done (Organ Models humans) with sexy clothes, they sell and put them in the windows. In addition, mutual funds and banks to add more temporary assets and liabilities that year se termine pour assurer leurs bilans sont toujours attractifs pour le public, en particulier les investisseurs. His intention is to dress up their balance sheets to make attractive as a buyer fact Dummies, "a showcase," the term used in the sense of the artificial inflation of assets disappear after the end of the year.

¿Cómo las nubes mueven be?

Clouds form when water evaporates from rivers, lakes, seas and lakes. High cirrus clouds moving through a jet stream, sometimes traveling at 100 kmh. When clouds are part of a storm usually they travel at 30-40 km / h.

What is the Hund Jagd and fair?

It is "fair hunting dogs in case of Exhibitors will present the latest trends in fishing and hunting.

What is the maximum of Nathan Rothschild?

The maximum Nathan Rothschild said, "make money on the stock market when blood flows in the streets." Nathan Rothschild was a seller of shares on London Stock Exchange market which benefited from the knowledge at the beginning of England's victory at Waterloo. First, he sold all his shares, This has caused a crisis in the market. Towards the end, bought all the shares at a very low price before news of the victory came at London in England. With the victory of England, increasing market share rapidly in the process, Nathan made a lot of money.

What is the ICOR for the economy?

Incremental Capital. Output ratio (ICOR) is the required additional capital to implement a production unit. This relationship is used to measure the effectiveness of an industrial unit or a country as an economic unit. The decline in the ICOR, the more efficient organization.

What is a vacuum excavator?

A vacuum excavator is a combination of bulldozer and a double pump function to search the ground floor and pumping. It has an air pump to generate flow necessary air, a nozzle through which air is extracted and a mechanism for separating the mass of air passing through the nozzle.

Treynor What is the relationship?

The Treynor ratio (percentage of pay-tovolatility) was developed by Jack Treynor, one of the fathers of the modern theory of portfolio ratio measures the performance of a portfolio relative to the normal return that would have been obtained in a risk-free investment. The formula for the Treynor ratio is: average return on the average performance of the portfolio less the risk free rate divided by the beta of the portfolio. In summary, the excess return on risk-free return of the portfolio is divided by the portfolio beta for the Treynor ratio. Beta is a measure of risk market exposure on a population or set of actions. A high ratio indicates a better performance Treynor. A risk-free investment as an investment in Government of India Treasury.

What is the largest container port in the world?

Singapore regarded as the largest port handling 26.9 million standard boxes, but China now says that in 2008, Shanghai has overtaken Mexico and should accommodate 30 million TEUs (equivalent twentyfeet, a measure used in transport). In 2002, said that Hong Kong was China's largest port containers.

What is the great artificial river?

Great Artificial River (better known as RMG) is a network pipe that supplies water to the Sahara Desert in Libya from a fossil aquifer. This aquifer is known as Nublon aquifer sandstone. GMR is considered the largest underground network of pipes in the world. He has more than 1,300 wells serving more than 7.1 million cubic meters of freshwater per day for the towns of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte and other major cities in the African nation. Certains puits sont à une profondeur de 650 mètres. In 1953, while drilling for oil exploration, the explorers found large quantities of fresh water. PRMC (Great Man-Made River Project) was developed in 1960 and consolidated in 1984. About 88 million cubic meters of excavation was carried out to make the first of five phases were. was inaugurated in August 28.1991. This gigantic project, designed by Brown and Root Price Brothers, is funded by the Libyan Government and property of the Man-Made River Authority Guinness Book of World Records has recognized him as the biggest project in the world for irrigation.

What is the famous Sistine Chapel?

The Sistine Chapel is named after Pope Sixtus IV is known to be especially site conclaves to elect a new pope. It is famous for its architecture, evocative of Solomon's Temple in the Old Testament and its decoration which has been throughout with frescoes by the greatest Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Raphael and Sandro Botticelli.

What shown that the racers at the festival of Sant Joan?

The Spanish fiesta of San Joan goes back to 14 and has a religious significance. The Runners who participate or runners as they are called represent the social strata of the church, nobility, craftsmen and farmers (mainly farmers).

What concern Zumba?

Zumba is a fitness regime based on cardiovascular rhythms of Latin developed by a former aerobics instructor Alberto Perez of Colombia. Zumba class covering various styles of Latin dance, such as Mambo, Salsa, Cumbia and Merengue. Another feature single class of Zumba is a party atmosphere unlike a normal aerobics.

What country receives the highest rainfall in the world?

Of the 95 wettest countries in the world, Guinea, Solomon Islands and Sierra Leone first three are ranked in the precipitation received on average a year, according to the World Statistics Pocket Book and the Statistical Yearbook Nations Ensemble. Records are for the period 1931-1960. Guinea, also known as the Republic of Guinea, the name with its capital, Conakry, is in West Africa receives monsoon rains as from June to November. Against the world average annual rainfall of 9,627 cm weighted, received 37.84 cm Guinea, Solomon Islands and Sierra Leona is 32.90 cm 29.46 cm. Conakry is the wettest capital in the world and receives an average rainfall of 134 days ah year. India is the country most 21.68 cm wet ninth annual rainfall averages. The UN Global Statistics figures for 2007 record: Guinea – 37.76 cm Islands Solomon – 32.9 cm, Sierra Leone – 29.46 cm and 24.01 cm in India. Guinea was still above the list and India have held the ninth position.

How iridium spark plugs are different from normal?

Iridium is a precious metal, silver white and one of the densest materials found on earth. The natural properties of Iridium spark plug uses less voltage to create a spark, burn fuel more efficiently and the thinner the spark mixes fuel and air. Provides power to more superior performance.


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