I Can Play Guitar Troubleshooting

i can play guitar troubleshooting
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Can you help me solve what is wrong with my guitar neck?

Hello, I have a Les Paul SL. I was owner for several years … has had moderate use, some adjustments had fallen once since, and through the various changes climate. I had the guitar professionally set up before in the past, but now I have easy access to a music store and try to myself. That's the problem: I noticed that in some notes if you touch me chain (without amplification) have two different (often dissonant) notes. In some cases, if I run my fingers on a scale to a string that may fall, while I hear the notes and play ascending notes. Amplified this problem is not very audible, but it is certainly highly visible when you hit notes clean. What happens to my neck cause this problem? Is it crooked or something? How can I fix this?

Can be bent or twisted. This may be due to the change climate, because it wood to warp. Use different string gauges can also contribute to neck flexion. Only a very small adjustment will bring your guitar back to normal. Locate the trus rod of his guitar, which should be in the top or bottom of the neck right above the bridge pickup. Must be in on his head like a Les Paul. Use your allen wrench and rear of the rod until the neck is straight again. You can determine whether she is right, but looking at the neck or exploitation by a chain of 5 to 22 frets and check if there is space around the box 12. If yes, continue adjusting until the neck is straight again. 🙂

i can play guitar troubleshooting