How To Play Piano

how to play piano
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How can I learn to play piano by myself?

Is there a website that contains the instructions, or what is a good book to buy? I am a beginner in all aspects of speech. The only thing I really know what each note is. Aka, round, white, etc. But to read and be able to play the piano, I have no jurisdiction. I have a piano to practice, so it's not a problem. I just need help learning to play. Any suggestions where to start? Well, I do not need motivation, I can do pretty well. Everyone in the family that plays, also known under the name of my father, uncle, uncle, aunt … and I think the uncle, but he can not do much today. However, they all play without notes reading. They hear a song, and 20 minutes, you can play the piano. So I do not really have those who can read music and stuff.

I recommend looking for a teacher. The background and training that will be of great value. Yes, it helps you stay motivated to continue, but also make sure you really understand what you are trying Thurs

how to play piano