How To Play Guitar With The Ventures

how to play guitar with the ventures
The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run Guitar lesson

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Classical music at Berklee?

I play the violin since the age of three years, mostly classically trained (I Some violin). I experimented with folk, playing the violin in the background to the voice and classical guitar. I try to write my own music, I have not written anything yet, but I do love writing. In the future, I want to venture outside world of classical music and move more into modern music. I am ready to take the way I play the violin in many directions. I like to play and I like to preform. Music is my life, I'm learning to play guitar myself (only the basic chords of the most complicated piece of guitar I have learned so far is "over the hills and far away by Led Zeppelin) I wonder what it takes to be accepted into Berklee. Do you accept people as the classic? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you! * I am currently a junior in high school

Berklee focuses is more on jazz, rock and contemporary music styles. If you want classical studies, he must go elsewhere. Berklee offers courses: * contemporary composition writing and film production * * * * notation Jazz Composition Music Business / Management Music Education * Business and Music Production Music * Engineering Synthesis Music Therapy * Performance * Music * Composition * So like I said, if you want to study and receive a classically trained to search elsewhere. I'm sure he (Berklee) agree that if it is found that the talent and good SAT scores ACT / and grades, although most classic time tested.

how to play guitar with the ventures