How To Play Guitar Tube

how to play guitar tube
How to play ‘Little Lion Man’ Guitar Lesson – Easy Mumford & Sons tutorial

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basic configuration of guitar amp!?

Well, I play the guitar for about 6 years but I am now a fanfare and an average stack. So I need to know how to configure it sounds better / stronger, and what type of cable to use because I'm afraid they'll blow the speaker if I connect to something that does not mean that his being! the amp I have is online shooter epiphone: the head is "Epiphone Triggerman 100H DSP 100 Watt-circuit / tube tone of the cabin management Epiphone online shooter -280 W Heres a link to the cab sku Heres = 601611 & src = 3SOSWXXA musiciansfriend-link to the head-http: / /'m just really afraid that something going to mess with the launch! who help me!

I understand that you do not want to spoil anything … I think I can help. You must first purchase a speaker cable (no cable instrument) that look a bit like a guitar cable (which has 1 / 4 "ends and the cable itself is similar), musician friend, but must go online or guitar center and buy a cable 2 or 3 feet from the speakers. After the "speaker out" amplifier you should plug it into 4 ohms and ensure the small switch is MONO. I think it must be established. That's cab was made to the amplifier, so I see no problem there. Good Luck

how to play guitar tube