How To Play Guitar Tabs String Fret

how to play guitar tabs string fret
How to Read Tab for Guitar : Frets & Reading Guitar Tab

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I am a beginner electric guitar. How do you read here? How am I supposed to play this?

I am a beginner guitar supplies. My father bought me a black Telluride about 2 Christmas ago and I was watching all these kids on YouTube and his amazing skills. My mother broke and can not afford guitar lessons, so I'm trying to teach more than YouTube and Google. My question is … How do you read here? How am I supposed to play this? v I know all the brand names and the numbers represent a certain box. Please and thank you! (X

high. I am a self taught guitarist, and these videos YouTube and Google, with some friends, I have become a very good guitarist, including the theory. the 6 lines each represent a string. represents the lowest Chain E low, and the highest is the high E string. Then there are the dishes, you know these things metal line in the neck? each digit represents the hoop. For example, ——————————– ————- – – —————– ——— ———————- 6 – —- ———– ———- ——————— June 4 – —————- ——————————– – means that you have put your finger in the sixth fret of the 4th string, middle finger on the sixth fret on the third rope and the index in the 4th fret of the second string, this is an agreement. and just scrape the three chains, is not to scratch 6.

how to play guitar tabs string fret