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how to play guitar perfectly
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How can I fix the keys stick on my guitar, rock band?

my rock band guitar was perfectly well until one month or less commonly used and the keys start sticking. now I can not even play the guitar at all the press I can not because one keys without sticking. Is there any way I can solve this problem or I have to buy a new guitar, because I really would not just fix it ..

I had the same problem with the red button Guitar Hero controller, also for the Wii. What was happening with mine is that the button is actually more than it should, causing the edge trapped in the body of the instrument. I took it apart and put a piece of paper folded under the circuit board as the button is on top of it not too far down. I hope that makes sense. This can not be your problem all, but it must disarm and seek to see what caused it stick. (Except still under warranty, you must return it for a replacement) I am not sure how the drivers are rock band, Guitar Hero, but the driver is broken;. neck of the body. All I had to do was remove 4 or 5 screws on the neck to remove mine. Hope that helps.

how to play guitar perfectly