How To Play Guitar More Like Her

how to play guitar more like her
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If I offered to play a song with my guitar?

So there's this girl I like. And if we were talking about upcoming classes FB year. I took guitar shop, and I have suggested. She said she wanted to, but she does not know. I said, "If you join the kind of guitar I play a song. "But so warmly responded .." Thankss "or something. But a few days later, he joined a group of" If he can play the guitar, does that make it more attractive. "Im wondering if it is connected to me?" His answer was a bit empty, plus a word thank you .. How would you feel if I offered to play a song with my guitar?

Personally, I think it was adorable, but if a man said of fb i wouldnt exactly what to say yet, but it's a very sweet idea. and I think most girls would agree, when its waters a man can play guitar. well maybe she was thinking of you when he saw the group, the only way to really ask, but I think now particually

how to play guitar more like her