How To Play Guitar Licks

how to play guitar licks
Learn to play Lead Blues Guitar licks and phrasing lesson – cool sequence

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Question on how to play guitar some reason

Ok, so I'm a beginner guitar, but I am certainly not bad. But One of my biggest problems is the rapid switching between two different channels. My question is: when you play a string, then pass a string, then quickly to the original one quick movement, to choose between "inside" the strings, or "outside"? For example, Stevie Ray Vaughan "Texas Flood", examples are everywhere. In the card, which looks like this: ——————– ——— 3 —— 3 — – 6 (Slide) 8 — 5 ————————– ————— —- ———— ——————————- — —- ———————— So, I wonder how it all played the guitar in which there is a rapid transition between the strings. I can not make the transition smooth and clean … All tips, recommendations, or simply say how to play these passages would be helpful. Thank you! 🙂

Hello I choose scan 5 -3 -3 6 and hammer and what will look, with a maximum up or down, and bend tone until proably what you do. Hammer offers a split second to take the guitar somewhere between 6 and 8.

how to play guitar licks

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