How To Play Guitar Kryptonite

how to play guitar kryptonite
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guitar tips tricks or suggestions?

hey, ive been playing guitar since christmas and im ok, i was just wondering do you have any tips on how to be better? also im looking for some easy songs to learn how to play so list any that i dont know.

i do know:
iron man
smoke on the water
crazy train
beat it
black magic woman
can’t stop
the trooper
the day that never comes
enter sandman
random songs ive made up (12)

so is there any song that i should learn that i dont already know?

Eh…..your suggestions sound pretty good. Here’s some tips that I have picked up over the years that have helped tremendously…

When you are learning the songs, make sure to focus on your tone (if it’s bright and piercing or muddy). Try to replicate the guitar tone on the CDs you are learning. Try to replicate overdrive, distortion, EQ (treble, mids, bass), reverb, and delay. Those are the most important effects that you will use. Be able to switch between your pickups as well. Neck pickup for rhythm parts, Bridge pickup for solos generally speaking. Those will add tons of different tones. Volume knob at 7 for rhythm parts and 10 for solos. That’s so people will be able to hear your solos when you play with a band.

Also, make sure to PLAY THEM TO A METRONOME!!!!!!! I didn’t do this for the first few years of my playing and it ended up taking me a long time to be able to really solo well in tempo.

Remember that the harder the song is, you will get bored of learning it quicker and give up. Maybe start with easier stuff, or skip the solos (for now) so that you are able to learn the majority of the song. Learn the solos last.

This is the stuff that will make you better than everyone else. It’s the attention to detail. Anyone can play the notes, but not everyone can make them sound like music. Hope this helps. Good luck.

how to play guitar kryptonite