How To Play Guitar Dvd

how to play guitar dvd
How To Play Guitar 16 DVD Set

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How is a good DVD to learn to play guitar?

I really want to learn to play guitar but I do not have the patience to read and learn from a book so I wanted to know if there is a DVD that can teach me? THANK YOU!

You do not know whether or not you go play acoustic or electric but House Rock (as mentioned by another poster) produce amazing DVD that will teach you all of the database (the guitar parts and their functions, tuning, etc.) through all that would learn from years of lessons. There is a sound of three scheduled for DVD players and three DVD players in electricity and price of each set below $ 40. I played guitar for over 20 years old when I decided to try the DVD and I can not believe everything I learned. The same type taught in both series and it's fantastic. It's like having a tutor who never loses his patience, no matter how many times you see something. Here includes links to games Musician's Friend: http://? sku = 942720

how to play guitar dvd