How To Play Guitar Cd

how to play guitar cd
How to Play Cigar Box Guitar – Pt. 1 – by Shane Speal

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I do not know exactly how to play the guitar, help?

So one or two years, my mother and my father bought a guitar electric, because I said I wanted to learn to play. Well, here I am now. and I still do not know how to play. I wish I had a first guitar sound! I have tons of books and CDs to learn, but do not seem to help. Is there something I could do something that might help me learn faster? websites, advice, anything? Thank you!

Learning from books is a bad choice, can not hear what you should play. Also for CD-s, can not see how it should hold the guitar, strings, etc. Anyone get a tutor, or the use of video guitar lessons, which is the most effective way teach yourself guitar.

how to play guitar cd

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