How To Play Guitar Carlos Santana

how to play guitar carlos santana
Carlos Santana kind of shows how to play Oye Como Va

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What nonsense that I can do these techniques?

comments on the sound of guitar. For example, when Carlos Santana plays this note longer than the second part of the magic black woman (gypsy queen), holds a note for a while and then starts to make noise enslavement. Moreover, it is the volume swell?

I think the more I turn my amp, most comments I receive. It is difficult to control the feedback. Acute put high on my guitar and change only the neck pickup. You also need to scrape a little difficult …. I'm not sure how musicians do what they do to regeneration but this is what works for me. 🙂 ♥, and no idea …. I've never heard of volume swells.

how to play guitar carlos santana