How To Learn Guitar Dvds

how to learn guitar dvds
Slide Guitar DVD Lesson: Learn the Mixolydian scale

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Learn to play guitar?

I've never had a practice with a guitar or something buyt i really really want to teach me to play. What book or books or DVDs I get to show me how well I have an acoustic guitar, but I want to play the electric guitar, Is there really a difference or I can teach in the sound and then save my money for an electric? What books do you need to get to teach?

Recently, I learned to play guitar. what I recommend is to find a song you want to play, then get the chords / tabs. ( is free and has many songs!) Youtube is also good. there are a lot of free stuff on hand to help you get on your feet. I started an acoustic guitar, because that's what I had at the time. the same as when electric (I have lots of fun Power play my friend.) practice makes perfect! Good luck!

how to learn guitar dvds