Guitar Play Along Cds

guitar play along cds
Led Zeppelin Ultimate Guitar Play-Alongs

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How to connect a CD player to a guitar amp?

A recently decided to try to play the guitar. I bought a Fender Frontman 10G amplifier ( A few days ago, a friend of mine gave me a play along CD of practice (Information and master the guitar package), I'm enjoying it. However, the description of the amplifier referred "1.8 CD player input or the media to play-along." 'M absolutlely no idea how I connect a CD player (or rather a reader multimedia) to my amp. It would be very useful, however, like playing with a CD player is rather clumsy, and I sometimes forces more or less practice So with my headphones plugged … Does anyone know how to do this?

An adapter that connects a cable from the guitar. the cable from the guitar the helmet and the guy who is the other end. that the cost of one dollar. if you have only one entrance to buy a splitter to connect two son for a single location. Similarly, a dollar

guitar play along cds